The EU will force all mobiles to have batteries that you can remove and put

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The Parliament of the European Union has approved the new design rules that must be taken into account around the regulations on batteries and batteriessome new rules that will directly affect the design of the next mobile phones of the future, since the new legislation is clear: the batteries must be able to be replaced by the user.

Batteries that are changed

ifixit battery for iphone

The proposal, in addition to looking for the green and ecological side, will allow users to give their devices a longer life, since as you well know, batteries are usually one of the critical components that affect device performance over time. years. And it is that a telephone can perfectly continue offering its services to many users after 4 and 5 years of use, but due to the battery degradationmany are forced to change their terminal.

According to the new law, manufacturers will be strictly prohibited from using those annoying adhesives that make the battery removal process extremely difficult, so devices (mobile phones, tablets and all kinds of electronic devices with rechargeable batteries) must have designs that allow access to the component for removal.

The negative point

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

All this about the carbon footprint, the circular economy and recycling will bring great benefits, however, on the consumer side there could be some doubts, since the designs of devices such as mobile phones will be seriously affected.

If until now mobiles such as the Samsung Galaxy S23, the iPhone or any high-end model stood out for offering an elegant design worthy of jewelry, the obligation to allow access to the battery will pose serious problems for the design department, since they will not be able to do use of resins or adhesive components to guarantee the sealing of the device.

Will the drop-down lids return? Will we have to fully assemble the mobile again when it falls to the ground?

waiting for the publication

Although the parliament has approved the rules with the vote of the entire plenary session, there is still a long process ahead for everything to get going. Now the text must be adopted before the publication in the Official Gazette of the E and the subsequent entry into force, so we might still have to wait until we can see it in action.

The question that remains is whether manufacturers will offer different solutions for other markets and exclusively have models with removable batteries for the European Union.

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