The iPhone 14 Pro has entered production, Apple already has its next flagship ready

Apple continues to work at full speed to prepare the launch of the iPhone 14, its next flagship smartphone, a model that, as happened with previous generations, will be accompanied by a “Pro” model, and that could be divided into a total of four different versions. We still do not have confirmation of these versions, but if we go by what we have seen in previous information, this is what we can expect:

  • iPhone 14: the base model, equipped with a 6.1-inch screen.
  • iPhone 14 Max: It would be a new version that would displace the iPhone mini, and would have a 6.7-inch screen.
  • iPhone 14 Pro: an improved version both in terms of build quality and hardware.
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: it would be a version of the previous one with a larger screen.

With these four versions, Apple will be able to reach a greater number of users, and will once again diversify what has been its flagship product for many years, the iPhone. Its launch is still scheduled for September this year, and according to recent information, published by the Taiwan Economic Times digital newspaper, it seems that there will be no delay, since the new Apple It would have already entered the test production phase.

The iPhone 14 entered the test production phase recently, and Luxshare is the one in charge of carrying out this important stage. By contrast, the iPhone 14 Pro, in its two versions, is the one that has just entered the test production phase, and Apple has entrusted that task to Foxconn. If everything goes according to plan, the next step would be the entry of all models into their mass production phase, something that should happen, at most, between the months of June and July of this year.

The test production phase is very important because allows to identify possible errors of design, problems at the hardware and software level and, in general, having a clearer vision of what the final product will be like, and what aspects it would be convenient to review or change. However, it is important that this will not affect the chosen design or the materials used, unless it is strictly necessary due to force majeure.

iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14: The new Apple promises an important and necessary renovation

iPhone 14 promises to be what the iPhone 13 was not, a markedly continuous terminal that did not introduce relevant changes either at the hardware or design level. In terms of hardware, we have already told you in this article that we can expect relevant advances that will go beyond the classic SoC change, and that these could focus on the integration of a 120 Hz screen, the increase in RAM memory and also of the base storage capacity.

On the other hand, notable improvements are also expected in terms of design. Eye, they will not reach the point of representing profound changes, but there will be considerable progress. In this sense, the most recent and reliable information that I have seen indicates that the iPhone 14 will use an all-screen front without a notch, and that the front camera, and the entire Face ID system, will be integrated into floating islands.

The general line of the terminal will also change, at least according to this information. To better illustrate I have attached some images that show these possible changes. Keep in mind that they are conceptual designs not confirmed by Apple but the truth is that in general they make a lot of sense, and they seem credible to me. The most important thing would be, in my opinion, the reduction in the thickness of the metal frame, which would maintain its flat finish, to generate a cool contrast with the front and rear sections, which would stand out.

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