The National Police recalls the importance of this email

There is coming a time on our devices where it is difficult for us to distinguish between legitimate content and scams. This is something that makes direct reference to emails, web page content, files of all kinds, SMS and more. Now we will talk about an important email from the National Police which we should not doubt.

It is something that has become more and more common both on our desktop computers and on mobile devices. We refer to the reception of all kinds of messages, through one channel or another, that come from external agents through Internet. Whether for personal or more professional issues, we constantly receive messages through the usual SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc.

The truth is that in a few years now we must keep a sharp eye because some of these messages that we receive on our computers are false or malicious. It could be some kind of malware, scam or hoax. But the worst is not that, since this type of element has been with us for decades. The worst of all this is that it is increasingly difficult to distinguish the malicious elements from the trustworthy ones.

Hence precisely the distrust that many users show towards certain emails or SMS messages that they receive unexpectedly at a certain time. In fact, on many occasions we have found that the National Police or the Civil Guard communicate, through their social networks, different scams and scams. However, in this particular case we are going to talk about the opposite.

Do not miss this email from the Police, it is important

Specifically, we are referring to an email that we may have already received, or will receive shortly, which comes from the National Police itself. Due to the enormous distrust of this type of content that we were talking about before, many users may think that it is some kind of scam or scam, as has happened on other similar occasions in the past. That is why the Police itself is speaking to us through its social media accountsabout its veracity.

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National Police


Do these emails reach you?

And they will keep coming to you 📩

It is NOT a SCAM

YES, it’s US 👮👮‍♀️ advising that you can renew the #DNI certificates

Do you know what they are? They guarantee and allow people to be identified on the #network

#We are for you

March 26, 2023 • 19:24

Specifically, it is an email that notifies us of the possibility of updating our digital certificates in order to identify ourselves on the Internet. These security software elements that we use for all types of online procedures, normally have an expiration date. Hence, the Police itself is in charge of notifying us, on the corresponding date, of the expiration date of these certificates and the possibility of renewing them.

chrome certificate

Perhaps due to the sensitivity of this message, many consider it to be some kind of scam. Precisely for all of this, the security forces remind us that it is a totally legal email message. That is precisely why, in the account of their social network of the little blue bird, they offer us a sample of one of those mail so that we get an idea of ​​what it is about in the case of receiving it and it does not lead us to confusion.

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