The new Beats Fit Pro headphones are already starting to be seen in real life

Beats Fit Pro

At the same time that Apple presented in society the new third-generation AirPods with a design similar to the AirPods Pro and several new features, Steve Moser discovered how new headphones appeared in iOS 15.1 Release Candidate. The Beats Fit Pro. Now we have been able to see them in real life, not just in codes. Artist Kim Kardashian has already worn them.

Beats apparently has a few new headphone models on the way, as assets included in the iOS 15.1 release candidate released this week revealed the upcoming ‘Beats Fit Pro’ wireless headphones. They look like Beats Studio Buds recently released, but with wingtips for additional support in the ear.

As is usual in these sets, the launch date of the new headphones is scheduled for a certain day, but the brand pays certain celebrities to wear them before that world premiere. In this way we have been able to see the star kim kardashian with them on. It’s a good way to publicize your headphones and have the whole world see them as an item worn by the big stars.

As we can see from the image, the Beats Fit Pro seem to stick out of the ear a good amount, so the wingtips should help with comfort by helping to relieve pressure on the ear canal. Beats Fit Pro will reportedly have active noise cancellation (ANC) with transparency mode, and they seem to have similar beats “b” logo buttons on the outside for the controls as on the Beats Studio Buds.

These new models will be available in at least four colors and it seems that everything indicates that they will be announced next November 1 officially. Ready to chill after Halloween night.

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