The new World of Warcraft will bring a very special gift for you

The past BlizzCon 2023 He didn’t leave us much news in quantity, but he did leave us in quality, with some that will mark us in the coming months. One of them was to know the expansion strategy that W will receiveorld of warcraft in the year he turns 20 and, the truth is, he shows very good ways. So many, that the same old players of the MMO They decide to return to experiment with the new story arc between humans and orcs.

If you remember what we told you yesterday, World of Warcraft The War Within It will be the first of the three expansions of what they have called the Worldsoul Saga and that will take us hand in hand with two of the best-known heroes in the game. None other than Anduin and Thrall who, from what it seems from the announcement trailer, will join forces in the fight against an even greater enemy.

A very special gift in World of Warcraft

The fact is that at the end of next year it will arrive World of Warcraft The War Within and some details of the editions that will go on sale are already known and that, as is customary in Blizzardcount on goodies digital ones that we can redeem online and link to our ID. Now, for the first time in the MMORPG, North Americans will get on the bandwagon of a trend that in 2023 is making a fortune among publishers from half the world.

Indeed, we are talking about the early access to the gamethat titles like Hogwarts Legacy, Starfield or himself Diablo IV They have tried it with really good results. Now, Blizzard had resisted doing so in world of warcraft due to the obvious problem it causes by benefiting some players over others, who could obtain an important advantage within a title that revolves around the community and interaction between characters. Especially on PvP servers.

In any case, since early access is something that we have all already internalized, World of Warcraft The War Within It will be included in the Epic edition which will have a price of around 90 euros. Below, we will have the standard version, which costs about 50 euros, and in the middle of the two extremes, the Heroic, which for 70 bucks will bring digital gifts but not those three days in advance to enjoy the MMO before anyone else.

The players don’t know what to think

That world of warcraft decide to add that 72-hour early access for the first time in its 20-year history has caused some players to see it as an advance and something normal, and others to directly oppose what was decided by Blizzard. And you can imagine the reasons: three days of advantage in a title like this causes some users to reach the maximum level again much sooner than those who access it when it is officially put on sale, causing a comparative insult.

However, there are also profiles that have shown their support for a measure that, obviously, will turn out very well financially for Blizzard since it has been shown that gifts like this, which we obviously pay for when we get the most expensive editions, encourage many players to drop an extra.

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