The next Assassin’s Creed is revealed, Gigabyte mocks Nvidia’s cards, this is the recap

Gigabyte kindly poked fun at the size of new graphics cards from Nvidia, Matter is compatible with 17 new Amazon devices, and the next Assassin’s Ceed game shows up, it’s the December 20, 2022 recap.

It’s time for the big recap of December 20, 2022. On the menu today, a voice assistant that is becoming more and more democratized, a manufacturer that makes fun of another for the size of its products and the next part of an ultra popular game… on mobile. Fasten your seat belts, let’s go!

Gigabyte finds Nvidia’s cards too big, but laughs about it

Nvidia’s latest graphics cards are big. Very big. So big that many users have been forced to buy a box to put their RTX 4080 or 4090 in. A situation that amuses the manufacturer Gigabyte. On Twitter, he publishes an image of what looks like from a distance one of his products in XXL version (a ventilation system, in reality). To accompany this visual, he writes “it is the year 2042 and you need to hire construction workers to install your RTX 8090 Ti”. The joke is funny. We remind you that Gigabyte produces custom RTXs based on Nvidia GPUs, so no animosity.

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17 devices become compatible with Matter

Matter is a standard that enables the interoperability of connected services for the home. This gives the possibility to use products from different brands together. Amazon has now made seventeen of its products compatible with the standard. A first giant leap for the company, which comes just after the same action by Google. However, this is only phase 1 for the firm, which would like to go even further in the near future.

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Next Assassin’s Creed leaked online

Ubisoft plans to release a lot of Assassin’s Creed games in the next few years. One of them is called Jade and takes place in the 3rd century in China. His particuliarity ? Be dedicated exclusively to the mobile world. A lengthy gameplay footage has leaked onto the internet giving us some insight. The least we can say is that it has nothing to envy to the latest classic opuses in the saga. We may well have the first mobile blockbuster from Ubisoft.

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