The Next-Gen Lie: Far Cry 6 No Ray Tracing on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Far Cry 6 runs out of ray tracing

Those members of the press who have been able to try the trial version of Far Cry 6 for consoles, they have surely been able to see it first hand, but in case there were doubts about it and it was thought that it was going to be a function that was going to finally arrive with the launch, now we have 100% confirmation: PS5 and Xbox Series X will not offer ray tracing in Far Cry 6.

This has been confirmed by the game developers themselves in an interview conducted by wccftech, where they have clarified that the ray tracing function will be exclusive to PC. The reason for this decision is none other than the intention of focusing exclusively on obtaining the best possible performance on the console, this being to play in 4K resolution at 60 images per second.

“Ray tracing is a PC exclusive feature. On console, our goal has been to take advantage of new hardware capabilities, optimize performance with a goal of 4K and achieve 60 FPS, for example, while at the same time ensuring that new game features, such as our dynamic weather system, are compatible with all platforms ”.

Is it bad news?

Far Cry 6

The presence of ray tracing may not be a primary feature for many users, but if one of the great games of this generation does not include the flagship feature of the next gen, it might sound disappointing. And the fault would be in the presentation speech of the new consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft presumed that their new machines would be capable of handling ray tracing in their games, however, later we were able to see how this technology was limited by resolution and frame rate.

Today we know that this technology cannot run in a Triple AAA game at 4K resolution and 60 images per second, so developers choose to offer the option at the cost of losing refresh rate and resolution in some cases.

In Far Cry they have decided that the game should be played at 4K and 60 images, and thus enjoy all the functions that they have prepared for the occasion, as well as the new dynamic weather system that will surprise us with a rain in the middle of the battle.

When is Far Cry released?

Far Cry 6

Far Cry will arrive on PC and consoles on October 7, so there is very little left for us to enjoy this new adventure in a tropical paradise. Ray traced or not, the game is sure to have a lot to talk about, so we’re looking forward to playing it right away.

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