The PS5 finally arrives at Darty and at less than 600€!

Head over to Darty today to get the Playstation 5 for less than €600! We detail the offer and the advantages of the console in this article.


It is already number 1 in sales at Darty and it’s no surprise to anyone: the PS5 has been available at Darty since this morning! By going to the brand’s website now, you can get the console for €549.99.

If you do not have the budget, the site offers payment:

  • In 3 installments from €183.33/month
  • In 4 installments from €137.49/month

It is delivered free of charge and guaranteed for 2 years.

The PS5: breathtaking quality for an exceptional console

It’s hard not to have already heard of the PS5, the latest addition to Playstation which was released some time ago, but which suffered from stock problems, making it even more desired than it was. Already.

With the PS5, you get a very fast solid-state drive with a powerful CPU for immersive and fluid games. It offers stunning graphics and 3D audio technology to help you get even more immersed in all your favorite video games. Load times are nearly instantaneous and the frame rate goes up to 120FPS for compatible games.

Among the innovative technologies it offers, we note ray tracing which can mimic the real behavior of light for an unparalleled level of realism. It also offers HDR technology with a wide color gamut and deep contrasts, as well as an 8K output for 4320p screens.

With Tempest 3D Audio sound technology, you can immerse yourself in stunning audio worlds and hear in all directions. Also, with haptic feedback, it offers via its DualSense wireless controller to feel all the effects of your actions in game in real life for even more immersion. It’s hard to ask for more in a single game console…

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