The secret to buying Refurbished on Amazon and saving money

Let’s see a series of tips so that your purchases on this website are successful, and you don’t find a brick when receiving the product, which happens when we see a great price and don’t pay attention to anything else.

This is how you should buy Refurbished on Amazon

The first thing we have to be clear about is the model or product we want to purchase, this is not a catalog of flash offers, so, in the end, we buy several products for their good quality and price ratio and then we never use it. We will be losing money and leaving people who really need it without it. However, if you go looking for something, you will find it, since they have everything from microphones to cell phones, webcams, computers, and other technological and not so technological things.

For those who don’t know, amazon offers a service of second handwhere products of all kinds are put back on sale, however, unlike pages or applications like Milanuncios or Wallapop, we can find really new items, which were only unsealed and returned unused, so we will have something to brand new but for a much lower cost than the real one.

amazon renewed

But for this it is not only useful to go to their catalog and choose one, but we will have to take into account the most important thing, its condition, which, according to the website itself, we can classify as:

  • Excellent condition: There are no signs of cosmetic damage when kept 30 centimeters away.
  • Good condition: light scratches, barely visible when holding the device 30 centimeters away.
  • Acceptable condition: Scratches visible when holding the device 30 centimeters away and noticeable to the touch

In no case will there be a regrettable state, and all your batteries (if any) must be at 80% of their real capacity or more.

However, what interests us is the first of them, the excellent condition, since that is where we can find new products that simply do not have original packaging or have been unsealed.

Amazon that all have been reviewed and tested and that is why they offer you a 1 year warranty, as well as a free return the first month if you are not happy with the product. This makes us have much more hope of being able to receive something of quality, and if not, we can always send it back.

amazon ipad refurbished

In the example in the image above we find a 64 GB iPad Air 2 and LTE version completely refurbished, unlocked and in excellent quality for 234 euros, as well as the 16 GB version for only 186 euros in the same conditions.

In this case we would be buying a product, practically in new condition, for a price much lower than the sealed market value, and also, with a warranty included, so paying double to remove a simple piece of plastic, especially if it is more of a whim than necessity, it is a very big waste of money.

So now you know, you just have to go to the Amazon Refurbished section and look for what you need.

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