The soundbar with bluetooth and RGB arrives to dominate them all

Sound bars have become very popular for some time now, especially since they can deliver multi-channel sound in one device. Which means that we do not have to deal with a tangle of devices and cables to have a decent sound when it comes to watching our favorite movies, listening to music or simply playing video games. Newskill did not want to be left behind and has just launched its low-cost soundbar, its Newskill Vamana RGB

Newskill Vamana RGB Soundbar Features

We are faced with a Sound bar built in plastic casing and metal grille, composed of two stereo speakers almost 5 centimeters in diameter and with 4 ohm impedance. Both speakers have a frequency range between 150 Hz and 20 KHz and a signal-to-noise ratio of more than 65 decibels. So this soundbar does not have a center speaker and / or a subwoofer for the bass, being quite simple. Regarding its weight and size, we find that its measurements are: 40 centimeters wide, 75 millimeters deep and 67 millimeters high. All this in just 700 grams of weight.

The Newskill Vamana RGB as its name says offers RGB lighting, which can be controlled from the touch control on the top of the soundbar. Which also serves to activate and deactivate Bluetooth, which also indicates that we can use the Newskill Vamana RGB from anywhere. Apart from the touch controls it also has a wheel to control the volume on the front and we can connect it anywhere thanks to the fact that it uses a 5V USB interface. However, we cannot obtain audio through USB and for this it uses its input 3.5 mm minijack or its Bluetooth 4.2 connection.

Newskill Vamana RGB

It is precisely the use of standard audio interfaces that makes the Newskill Vamana RGB compatible with a large number of devices, not only with the PC, but we can also use the Newskill Vamana RGB on our mobile phone, our tablet, a When playing our favorite console and in general on any device that supports Bluetooth connection 4.2 onwards or the classic 3.5 mm minijack. In any case, although it supports Bluetooth 4.2 not a totally wireless speaker by not using batteries or rechargeable batteries.

This simple soundbar from Newskill can be purchased from their website for € 39.95 MSRP. Although if you prefer other distribution channels you will also have it available very soon through Amazon and PCComponentes.

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