The Xiaomi Mi Band X could be a bracelet with a flexible screen

Xiaomi prepares the Mi Band X (or so it seems)

Working within Xiaomi, its new product development centers, must be the most fun and frustrating at the same time. Because although they do not stop launching new products, it must also be easy to imagine an engineer with a smile from ear to ear commenting to another that a new phone, wearable, computer, etc. has just been presented, and that the other responds. that this is history and what is cool is what they will launch the following week.

And it is that in Xiaomi they do not rest, hence it is not surprising that some rumors of the future Xiaomi Mi Band X, a proposal that would not mean skipping the Mi Band 7 that3 would be the replacement for the current Xiaomi Mi Band 6 quantification bracelet, but it would offer an extra compared to what we have seen so far from the brand.

In addition to intelligent features that could go further, the main attraction of the new Mi Band X seems to be the use of a flexible panel that would adapt to the user’s wrist in its 360┬║. Which would have a benefit or direct consequence that would improve the user experience by having a greater diagonal without losing that comfort of the models that are sold now.

Thus, having a bigger screen and better software options could allow you to do something that devices like the Apple Watch do, but others like the Mi Band do not: reply to messages directly from it.

For the rest, it is clear that there is not much information that can be given nor the little that there is is one hundred percent confirmed, although the chances of it happening are high because Xiaomi already has something similar in part to this Mi Band X.

The Amazfit X is a proposal that also has a flexible panel that adapts to the user’s wrist. It is true that it seems that the screen of this Amazfit X would be smaller, but it is difficult to imagine to what extent a larger screen on a watch or smart bracelet of this type is attractive or not if we focus mainly on usability. Although we could also add the resistant. The larger the surface to be hit, the easier it is for us to end up doing it unintentionally.

An Amazfit X under the Xiaomi brand

Be that as it may, it seems that until the end of the year or the next we would not see the Xiaomi Mi Band X. It would be interesting that when they appear not only does it do so with that flexible screen, but also with a more advanced version of the operating system and even with Wear OS 3.

That could be a sales success for the company if the price is also something that accompanies it as it has been doing so far in other products of the brand recently presented.

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