There are already four Gigabyte Arc A380 on the way

After a delayed and somewhat tortuous launch, the last few weeks it seems quite clear that Intel is already firmly on its feet, slowly but surely, regarding the launch of its Intel Alchemist graphics cards. On the one hand, just a few days ago the arrival of the Arc A750 and A770 on the market was made official, after some performance tests that, without being particularly brilliant, are promising. Even Intel points out that Battlemage will substantially surpass Alchemist, but everything indicates that, as the drivers improve, so will this first generation.

For its part, also we have been waiting for the arrival of the entry range for some time, embodied mainly in the Arc A380, of which an Asrock model has already been seen in a retailer (although out of stock, at the moment), and as we could already imagine, other manufacturers are preparing their models based on this GPU of Intel. The most recent example of this is found in the recent list, on the Eurasia Economic Commission website, which shows no less than four Gigabyte A380 models, to which an A310 is added. They are the following:

  • Gigabyte Arc A380 Gaming OC 6GB (GV-IA380GAMING OC-6GD)
  • Gigabyte Arc A380 Gaming 6GB (GV-IA380GAMING-6GD)
  • Gigabyte Arc A380 WindForce OC 6GB (GV-IA380WF2OC-6GD)
  • Gigabyte Arc A380 WindForce 6GB (GV-IA380WF2-6GD)
  • Gigabyte Arc A310 WindForce 4GB (GV-IA310WF2-4GD)

There are already four Gigabyte Arc A380 on the way

In this way, we have the first official confirmation of the collaboration between Intel and Gigabyte of which we have been hearing rumors for some time, and which also reveals some interesting aspects of both this Intel GPU and Gigabyte’s plans with it.

The first thing is that, despite the fact that we are talking about an entry-level GPU, we see that Gigabyte considers them totally suitable for gaming, something that has been questioned on some occasions. We can’t expect great performance, of course, remember we’re talking about a $139.99 card (in the model listed at retailer Newegg), but that these Gigabyte Arc A380 fit into the gaming and WindForce familiestells us that the company’s tests should be promising in this regard.

Even more, two of the listed models will be overclockable, which can boost your performance even further. In the absence of performance tests, if the models compatible with OC have competitive prices and adequate performance to be able to play without great demands, it is possible that we will find ourselves facing a new and very interesting option.

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