These are the most difficult Funko Pop to get: what is special about them?

The answer, in fact, is very simple: because the company makes only a few units of a model and never makes more.

These are usually held in honor of special events, especially comic cons, in which he launches a commemorative Funko for the event, with very limited units. That means that it can only be found there, and not in stores, so that the most fanatic have to go to second-hand markets to buy them and complete their collections.

Depending on the event and Funko in particular, the doll can fetch prices of several thousand dollars.

Also, as we will see, some of the discontinued and hard-to-find funkos are usually metallic versions of a doll, others that shine in the dark or special editions from the company’s mascot, Freddy Funko.

The hardest to get discontinued funkos

Knowing the above, we can already understand why these funkos that we are going to show you are so difficult to add to our collection. We start with what is probably the rarest funko of all in individual format.

Stan Lee, metallic red superhero version

Metallic Stan Lee

Among the most complicated funkos to obtain are some that portray the great Stan Lee and, of them, we have to highlight his metallic version in red superhero suit.

It is an extremely rare funko because there are only 12 in the world. Introduced in October 2017, Its value is estimated at about $8,000. no problem. It is important that the doll is not only the red superhero suit version (easier to find), but the metallic one.

The beheaded Ned Stark funko

beheaded ned stark

Although it is not among the most expensive funkos out there, it is among the most sought after, because it is one of the most curious and rare figures in the funko collection.

This is Ned Stark beheaded. A funko to which, indeed, the head is separated from the body. In fact, it has the detail of the bloody neck and the eyes with quite little life.

Made just for Comic-Con 2013, it’s a tricky gem to collect.

Silver Batman, edition of 108 dolls

Funko Silver Batman

Various versions of Batman are among the hardest-to-find discontinued funkos. But nevertheless, its completely silver version is one of the most sought after.

The difficulty in achieving this is that only 108 pieces of the doll were made in 2015 and were distributed only among employees of the company. Since they were never sold in stores, that makes them extremely rare and difficult to obtain.

Its price, the few times it has been seen, has exceeded 1,500 euros.

Vegeta, planet Arlia version

Vegeta Planet Arlia

Among Dragon Ball fans, the rarest figure is undoubtedly Vegeta in his Planet Arlia version, which came out in 2014. There were only 240 figures, which were split between two events: New York Comic-Con and Toy Tokyo.

Its current value is about 1,700 euros among collectors. As we can see, this shows that not only the number of figures determines the price or the difficulty of obtaining the funko.

Loki version Comic-Con 2012

Loki Special 2012

One of the rarest funko dolls, which is not metallic or glows in the dark, is Loki, from the avengers. But don’t get confused, there are countless versions of Loki and the rarest is the one made, only, for the 2012 Comic-Con.

Have the number 16 and the box itself bears a commemorative sticker of that event. When it appears briefly somewhere, it usually has a price of more than a thousand euros.

Freddy Funko, Ace Ventura version

Freddy Funko Ace Ventura

Freddy Funko is the brand’s mascot and Funko releases limited versions of him, characterized as some famous character from popular culture. That makes the different Freddys what’s up always be among the hardest funkos to get

Perhaps the most expensive Freddy Funko is, without a doubt, the bloodied version of Jaime Lannister, which we already saw when we analyzed the most expensive funkos in history.

But nevertheless, the rarest may be Ace Ventura’s Freddy Funko, Taking into account that there are only 12 manufactured units of the doll.

Hopper, from Stranger Things, gold version

funko gold hopper

There is no doubt that the funkos made for Comic-Con are always the most difficult to get. If you are not lucky enough to be at the event, and buy it the moment it comes out, it is very difficult for you to get the doll.

Because, Hopper’s golden version, the endearing character of stranger things, makes a hole in this list. Made for Comic-Con 2018, there are only 40 figures and that makes it extremely rareā€¦ and valued at over $3,000.

Dumbo, makeup and gold versions

Funko Dumbo made up

The classic Disney character has two versions that are very difficult to get: the one with clown make-up and the one that is completely golden. Taking into account that only 48 figures of each type have been made, it is not uncommon for them to be among the most difficult to collect and also among the most expensive.

We are talking about more than 4,000 dollars, a small fortune.

Holographic Darth Maul

Funko Darth Maul holographic rare

The number of funko’s starwars must already be close to infinity. But nevertheless, the rarest and most difficult to collect is undoubtedly the holographic version of Darth Maul.

Made for the 2012 Comic-Con, it is not among the rarest, because 480 figures were made. That is much more than the rest of the list, but it is already known that the fervor for starwars knows no limits. For this reason, nobody releases it and it is very rare to find.

So much so that funkos price guides They value it at more than $6,600. and make it a very rare piece.

The Golden Ticket Dolls from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Rarest Funko, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In 2016, Funko held the Fundays. For the event, they chose to frame it in a theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and they did something similar to the book and the movie. They distributed chocolate bars, 10 of which had a golden ticket.

You could exchange this for an exclusive box containing 2 golden funkos: Willy Wonka and one of his faithful Oompa Loompas.

existing only 10 in the world, are probably the hardest to get discontinued funko (or the funkos, depending on how you look at it).

Their owners have rarely put the dolls up for sale, and apparently one of the few that appeared to sell did so for $15,000. Almost nothing.

As you can see, collecting funkos is much more than a hobby. It is quite a feat if you want to get all of them. So if you have any of the hardest-to-find discontinued funkos we’ve shown you, hold on tight, it’s your retirement plan.

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