These are this year’s WWDC giveaways for developers

Apple WWDC23

In a few hours we will be able to see a new edition of the developer conference that Apple celebrates every year. Being a conference based on the operating systems and software of the different devices, we are not supposed to see new presentations, but this year is very different. We may be facing the longest Apple conference of all time and even the most productive. Apple is expected to present several new terminals, including the new virtual reality headsets that we have talked about for so long. To celebrate, the company always makes a few giveaways to developers And these are the ones for this year.

This afternoon we will witness the presentations that Apple is going to make live from Apple Park. The new virtual reality headsets and the new Macs are expected to dwarf the new operating systems that really should be the stars of the event since it is a conference based on the developers and the work they do for the company. Although they are the protagonists without a doubt, this year they will be a little more in the background.

But that does not mean that the company has thought of them in a very special way and has given them a series of gifts in honor of this day and so that they never forget it. These gifts are the following:

  • A bag to commemorate the occasion.
  • pins Featuring iconic Apple imagery.
  • A thermos.
  • A hat.

The gifts have been collected this year at Apple’s Infinite Loop campus, when they have gone to collect the invitations for the event. Unlike last year they were collected in the developer center.

WWDC 2023 Gifts

In a few hours we can watch the presentation live and surely if we look closely we will see some of these developers with some of those iconic Apple pins and the commemorative bag on their backs.

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