This Chinese brand has cloned the famous Dyson dryer

Anyone who appreciates their hair knows that Dyson sells a hair dryer that promises no damage and boasts some impressive technology. However, its price is almost prohibitive, like almost everything that the British brand sells. The dryer Dyson supersonic It is a product that surely many of you have on your Amazon wish list. Now, a Chinese project promises to have copied each and every one of its features. Will it be up to the task?

LaiFen, a clone of the Dyson Supersonic three times cheaper

Is named LaiFen Swift-High Speed ​​Hair Dryer. And not only has it limited itself to copying the design of the Dyson Supersonic, but they have also shot the typography of the British brand so that there is no doubt that it is a clone. This new product has appeared on the website of indiegogo and it’s already in production, with a retail price for early adopters of 117 euros, while the original Dyson model rarely goes below 400.

LaiFen dryer promises a constant airflow at 22 meters per seconda system of heat protection which checks the temperature electronically one hundred times per second. It also has three different heat settings, protection against static electricity through ions and a sound of 59 decibels, something lower than the noise generated by the original dryer. The project has been supported by more than 400 customers who will receive the product next April. On the Indiegogo website you can also buy the dryer accessories separately.

Will it be worth it?

dryer laifen

LaiFen is not the first brand that dares to clone dyson products. The British are already used to Chinese copies. However, LaiFen is the first dryer that dares to advertise better specifications than the original Dyson product.

LaiFen hair dryer looks very good. However, on the internet, Dyson Supersonic clones don’t have a very good reputation. Most users who have dared with copies have ended up reporting burnt out motors or highly excessive noise in clone products, so this LaiFen dryer will not have it easy to stand out and change that opinion that many already have between their eyebrows and eyebrow.

laifen clone accessories

The price LaiFen’s Swift-High Speed ​​Hair Dryer is quite low if we take into account the original Dyson model, but, on the other hand, we will be paying for it almost the same or more than for a professional dryer of traditional design, with its European guarantee.

Therefore, one should be cautious with this product. Their Specifications on paper they are spectacular and their price is very groundbreaking. But will its components be quality? How have they managed to lower the price so much compared to the Dyson? These are questions that usually arise when clones appear on the market and that we can only answer once we have one of these models and can make a fair comparison.

Meanwhile, the dryer can be obtained at indiegogo with a 34% discount until the financing round ends from the company within 18 days.

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