This is the ideal temperature for your home to save light this summer

If you like save on electricity bill, something fundamental is to control the temperature very well. You will not have the same house in winter as in summer. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about what temperature You must keep your home in the hottest months. The goal is to use the air conditioning correctly and not consume too much electricity, so you can pay less on your electricity bill each month.

Note that each degree of temperature influences. In fact, you can save or pay more than 7% for each degree. This will also depend on how the air conditioning you use is. There are more optimized and others, the older ones especially, can consume much more.

House temperature in summer

You do not need to have your house at 19 or 20 degrees in summer. If you turn the air conditioner too low, you’ll actually be wasting electricity unnecessarily. It is the same that you do not need to have the house at 25 degrees in winter, far from it. But what temperature would be ideal? We can say that from 24.

It will also depend on each person, each house, where you live… But approximately, we can say that having the house from 24 degrees is fine in summer. If you can have it at 26, better. As we have mentioned, each degree can mean a saving or an expense of approximately 7%.

The key is to put the thermostat or program the air conditioning at a temperature in which we are comfortable, without being hot but not cool either. Finding a balance, trying to raise the temperature a few degrees until you reach it, can make you pay less each month on your electricity bill.

But we are not only talking about saving money, but also for health. If you set the air conditioning too low, you are more likely to have health problems. The throat can dry out more, you are going to be cold and that means that the defenses can also go down.

Avoid impulses

Something important is to avoid thermal impulses. That is, if you arrive from the street in the middle of summer and it’s 40 degrees outside, don’t turn the air conditioner on full blast no matter how hot you’ve been. That’s a mistake, because you’ll be setting the air at 19 or 20 degrees and you really don’t need to have it that low.

It is best, once again, to use a temperature at which you are comfortable. You can put it between 24 and 26 degrees, always with the idea that the higher it is, the more you will save. If in winter it is not convenient to raise the temperature to 20-21 degrees, in summer it is not advisable to drop it below 24 or even 25.

All this you can combine with a good thermal insulation. If you prevent heat from entering in the summer months, something that can enter through cracks in windows or doors, you can avoid having to use more air conditioning. Also, it is a good idea to ventilate early in the morning to avoid exchange of hot air from outside.

As you can see, in summer it is important that you use the air conditioning correctly. It is a good idea to put it from 24 degrees, since with this you will save electricity. If you put it too low, for each degree you will be paying about 7% more. If you use home automation, something that will also help you save, it is important to prevent the router from malfunctioning.

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