This is the Microsoft Designer tool that will come to Windows 11

The Redmond giant is working on Microsoft Designer, an application design-centric that will have predesigned templates to simplify and facilitate its use, and that will allow us to share our creations effortlessly on social networks. This application has been in development for a long time, and not long ago we were able to discover its existence, but we did not have any images of its interface.

Neowin has shared a leaked image that finally lets us see said interface. In general, there are no surprises, since Microsoft Designer maintains the design line and interface that we saw in Windows 11so it is clear that it has been conceived to fit perfectly with the user interface of said operating system.

As we can see in the filtered image, at the top of it it is indicated that said application “use our content and artificial intelligence to create personalized designs”. There are also some drop-down menus and dialog boxes with selection and application customization functions. At the bottom of the page we can see another reference that says “Search for more templates in Microsoft Create”, which will take us directly to a website where all the templates that we can use with this application will be hosted.

We do not know how Microsoft will integrate this tool into its catalog of applications, but it seems that it will most likely be carried out some kind of integration with PowerPoint, or that it ends up being the successor to Sway. The most reliable media are divided between these two theories, so at the moment they are the ones with the highest degree of validity.

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However, there is nothing definitive, in fact we don’t even know when the official announcement will take place and the release of Microsoft Designer, so right now we can only wait. On the other hand, it is not clear that it will be launched as an independent product, since the Redmond giant could perfectly integrate it into its Microsoft 365 suite.

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