What is Incogni and how you can erase your Internet data

On many occasions, eliminating our personal information on the Internet becomes an impossible task, because the “data brokers” or “data intermediaries” also have this information, with the aim of storing it and selling it to the best buyer, which entails a risk for our privacy on the Internet and also for our security.

How to delete all my internet data?

Incogni is a service developed by Surfshark, the popular VPN service that is responsible for protecting our security and privacy on the Internet using its hundreds of VPN servers spread all over the world. Now they have launched a new tool to continue protecting our privacy, but this time it is focused on deleting all user data from the different databases where we can appear. Thanks to this service, we will be able to delete all our data from the “data brokers” or “data intermediaries”, these types of companies are responsible for collecting all the information of the users to later sell it to other companies, advertisers, etc. In other words, what these types of companies do is market with our data.

The “data brokers” usually get all the information from some hack or leak by commonly used services, then, they collect all the information to later use it to sell it. This data can be purchased by cybercriminals, with the aim of using our credentials to steal information, access the bank and even make payments over the Internet.

This Incogni service works under subscription, we can buy the monthly subscription for only €5.79 if you pay for a full year, or you can choose the recurring monthly payment subscription for €11.49. As you can see, it is worth buying the annual subscription because we are saving half the money. The reason that Incogni works under subscription and not as a single payment, is because the deletion of this information can take several weeks and even months, since the data brokers do not make it easy to delete this personal data. A very important aspect is that the company will also be in charge of continuing to scan all the databases in case they have added us to any more, to delete this data and that we do not have to take care of anything at all.

Thanks to this type of service, we will be able to have a little more privacy on the Internet, and we can choose what information we want to be present on the Internet, and what we do not want to be. In these cases, your personal data could be compromised and it is convenient to use an application of this type so that it does not leak and reaches the hands of anyone.

Tips so that information is not leaked

Now, what do you have to do so that you don’t filter information? We have talked about how you can delete all the data through the Incogni service, one of the most interesting services to preserve our privacy and security on the Internet.

The first and most important thing is avoid making mistakes and think before posting data. For example, when sharing something through social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Avoid putting your personal data publicly, do not share information that you would not like to be available to anyone, etc. It’s also a good idea to use a vpnespecially when you connect through public networks, such as a shopping center or an airport, one of the best VPNs you can buy is Surfshark, a company that will provide us with this service at a really competitive price.

On the other hand, keep the equipment in good condition and protected will serve to reduce the risk of problems of this type. Always use a good antivirus and keep your system updated. This will prevent malware from entering and will also fix potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited for attack.

In short, as you can see, your personal data can be filtered on the network. It is important that you are always protected, avoid making mistakes and keep everything in good condition. The goal is to ensure that privacy is not an issue. However, you should know that total anonymity on the Internet does not exist.

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