This service brings 250 channels for free and without registration

Watching TV is no longer something that is limited to a television, and that forces us to have an antenna socket to connect to. Today there are many other ways to watch television, either through the Internet, or through applications that bring us dozens of channels totally free directly in streaming. One of the best known is Pluto TV, an application that we can find on a multitude of Smart TVs and casting devices. However, an alternative is about to be born that will probably dethrone this great platform. Remember this name: XUMO.

XUMO is a new TV platform born from the hand of Comcast and Charter Communication, two of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States. Although the platform has already existed for a few years, it has not been until now, with the union of these two companies, when they are going to give it a complete new approach and plan its international launch.

How to watch XUMO

This new streaming platform only works, for now, in the United States. However, they are already working to enable the app that allows us to access all its content from other countries, including Spain, so that we can start enjoying it in our country. In total, right now the app has more than 250 channels, most of which are, understandably, in English. But, every week, it is adding new channels little by little, so the international launch of XUMO is sure that the channels in Spanish will grow.

XUMO Stream TV Shows & Movies

To be able to see this platform it is necessary to have an Android, Google TV or a Fire TV. In addition, we can also find it within other television systems such as LG. And, very soon, we will even be able to see it from the web, as is the case with Pluto TV, in our country.

XUMO channels

The only “handicap” that we can find on this platform is that the service is supported by advertising. That is, although we can see it for free, and without registration, we will have to swallow ads, as if it were real DTT.

If you want to see some of the channels that this platform offers us, all you have to do is enter the XUMO website. In addition, the company promises to add channels every week, so it will undoubtedly soon surpass Pluto TV and other similar alternatives.

Alternatives to XUMO

While this platform arrives in our country, we remind you that we have a large number of alternatives to be able to watch dozens of TV channels directly on television. For example, the best known is the one we have already mentioned, pluto tv. This platform has 120 television channels, totally free, and in Spanish that we can access both from the PC and from any device or television.

Another similar alternative is CLICKtv, the streaming TV system of Samsung televisions. Tivify is yet another well-known alternative that gives us access to 150 channels totally free and without registration, or My TV+the television service with which Xiaomi bets to gain a foothold in our country.

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