This simple novelty from Spotify will change the way you listen to music

When we listen to music, whether on the computer, or from the mobile, it is very important that we can listen to it as we want, and have control of it. Today, the largest and most used music platform in the entire network is Spotify. And while this platform has great features and functions, it also has some features that make the music experience worse rather than better. We are talking, for example, about how to listen to an album or a playlist.

Until now, when we are going to play a list within the platform (either created by us, or a specific music album), we can only see a button at the top to play it in its entirety: a button that only allows us shuffle. By clicking on this play button, we can start listening to our favorite list, but in a random order. This is not much of an issue on most charts or albums, where the songs are unrelated to each other. But there are discs where the authors have chosen an order for something. And, by not respecting it, we are losing part of the magic.

To prevent this from happening, Spotify has announced an important novelty, which will be exclusive to Premium users. What this novelty is going to do is going to be create a new play button from which we can play any list in normal order, not random. In this way, we will have two buttons when we enter a list: a button that will allow us to play the songs in sequential order, and another with which we can do it in random order.

In this way, depending on our mood, or the type of album/list that we are going to listen to, we can choose the mode that we like the most.

When will it come to Spotify?

At the moment, we do not know when this novelty will be available to all users. The company has indicated in its press release that it will arrive «In the next weeks“, but has not given more details about it. Being in the dates in which we are, the safest thing is that in August we will not see changes within the platform, and that its launch will be prepared for mid-September. In any case, these are just speculations, so we cannot guarantee anything either.

The company has announced that this novelty will come, especially, to the Android and iOS versions of this program. But we will probably also see something similar in the Windows desktop app as well as the web version of it. As long as, we remember, we are Premium users of the platform.

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