This small gesture on your router will prevent it from failing again

Have problems with the router It may mean that the Internet connection is not working well. You may notice that the speed slows down, that there are frequent outages, or that you have to restart the device for it to work properly. But why does this happen? The reasons can be multiple, but there is one of them that is usually quite present. We are going to tell you a very simple way to avoid it. It doesn’t matter if you already have problems and want to solve them or if you want to prevent them from happening in the future.

One issue to take into account is the temperature of the router. Whether overheats, if it gets hotter than it should, that can lead to performance problems. It can even crash and stop working. It is something that can happen, especially in the summer months when it is hotter.

Elevate your router

The gesture consists of something as simple as slightly raise your router. Simply with that, you can make it cool better and not overheat as much. How can you do it? The idea is that it is not attached to the table where you have it located or to any other object that could affect it. You can put anything, such as bottle caps, so that it rises a little.

With this, only with raise it a little off the table, you can now get it to cool down more. It is true that it is normal for the router to have small legs, but this is not always enough for it to cool properly. Maybe it’s still getting hotter than normal and needs a little help.

Of course, keep in mind that not all routers are placed horizontally, although this is common, since you could come across models that are placed vertically. In the latter case, what you should make sure is that it is not too close to the wall or a piece of furniture. This separation is what will allow it to cool better and not have overheating problems.

Prevent the router from being caught

Keep it away from heat sources

Beyond raising your router slightly to prevent it from overheating, it is important that you away from heat sources. For example, you should not place it right next to the television or other appliances that can give off heat. It is better that it be in an isolated place, away from these devices that may affect it.

Also, you should avoid placing it near a window where it can receive direct sunlight. That could cause it to overheat, which is going to be very negative. Careful with this. Especially in the summer months it can damage any device quite a bit and cause its useful life to decrease.

Another tip is keep it clean. If it accumulates dust, that will cause it to cool worse. You may notice outages and a drop in network quality if this occurs. Therefore, you must clean it periodically and not allow it to accumulate dirt, which could affect your connection.

In short, to prevent the router from turning off or having operating problems, it will be key to keep it away from heat sources and to prevent it from overheating. A useful tip is to raise it a little, so that it can refrigerate better. Only with that, you can avoid speed failures or annoying cuts.

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