This smart speaker with Alexa will also improve your home Wi-Fi

Having a good Internet connection is important and for this we can have different options. For example, we can install a Wi-Fi repeater, Mesh system or PLC devices. But in this article we are going to talk about a new device that allows home automation to be combined with the improvement of Wi-Fi networks. Let’s show the new Amazon EchoDot and how you can make wireless network coverage better.

The new Echo Dot acts as a Wi-Fi extender

Echo Dot is a very popular Amazon device. It is a smart speaker that integrates with Alexa and allows you to control other devices in the home. A very useful option for those who want to automate their home and have smart devices to automate tasks or have greater control in their day to day.

But beyond acting as a smart speaker, the new Echo Dot is also going to serve as a wifi extender. This means that it will allow to improve the wireless connection of the home. Now with the new update they have received the ability to act as a repeater. According to the company, each of these devices is capable of increasing coverage by about 90 square meters.

Of course, we must bear in mind that it has an important limitation: it only works at one 100Mbps maximum speed. It may be enough for many users who just want the wireless signal to reach an area of ​​the house better, but it cannot compete with other repeaters or Mesh systems that we are used to seeing on the market with higher speeds.

This type of device is very useful when we have dead zones in a home. They are basically rooms where the Wi-Fi coverage of the router does not reach well or even does not reach at all. That prevents us from connecting mobile phones, computers or any device to the network. In those cases, improving the Wi-Fi connection is essential. Devices like the Echo Dot come in handy.

Smart speaker for home automation

But the main use of the Echo Dot is to act as smart speaker. This allows not only to play music, but also to issue voice commands and to be able to interact with other devices. You can turn on light bulbs, turn on the air conditioner, connect a smart plug or control any compatible device.

The home automation It is something that is more and more present. We can make use of smart devices of all kinds and also new options appear every time. But beyond automating tasks or gaining comfort, the truth is that having a smart home can also help us save on electricity bills. These devices can optimize the available resources much more, be more intelligent to adapt to the necessary changes and adjust to the conditions.

In short, as you can see, the new Echo Dot will not only serve as a smart speaker to control other home automation devices, but it will also help improve the Wi-Fi coverage of your home. One more option that you have available to always have the best connection at home.

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