Threads does not threaten (for now) the reign of Twitter

That Twitter is no longer what it used to be doesn’t seem to be penalizing it…in users. Neither Mastodon, the Open Source response to Elon Musk’s social network, nor now Threads, the clone designed by Marck Zuckerberg, seem to get the necessary traction to convince “tweeters” to switch platforms.

And it is that once the novelty has been diluted with the first heat of summer, its use continues to decrease in a steeper curve. According to Similarweb, user interaction on the platform has decreased by 79% from the peak of 2.3 million active users registered in early July, to 576,000 on August 7.

In addition to the users, the brands also do not seem to be too convinced to continue on a platform that certainly does not offer the revenues of Instagram at the moment. Big companies like the fast food chain Wendy’s, clothing store Anthropologie and Rare Beauty, a makeup line, have reduced the number of posts they make on Threads, Adweek reports.

After its presentation last month, it is true that Threads experienced no less than five million registrations in its first 24 hours and one hundred million in a week, becoming the platform that has taken the least time to reach that magic number. However, the platform has grown as fast as it has ended up disappointing. Even on its busiest day, the number of Threads users was less than half of what Twitter registers on an average day.

Since Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, he has laid off most of the app’s staff and made a series of controversial policy changes that have led to a decline in advertising revenue. Users have complained about frequent crashes and an increase in hate speech, but at least for now the platform is holding up.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg and Musk have had a series of public clashes in recent weeks and even considered meeting in an MMA match this summer. However, and to the dismay of many, both have finally decided to cancel the confrontation, disguising it as mutual reproaches.

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