Tricks to connect via Ethernet cable anywhere in the house and without installation

To connect devices to the Internet at home, we can use both network cable and Wi-Fi. Although this last option is the most common nowadays, the truth is that sometimes it can be better use ethernet cable. This offers greater stability, sometimes more speed or you may even have devices that are not compatible with the wireless network. Now, can you connect devices in any area of ​​your house by cable without having an installation done? We are going to tell you how.

For example, you may have a television that you need connect by network cable. The router is far away and you do not have such a long cable, nor an installation done, to be able to connect the Smart TV in this way. That does not mean that you are going to have to find a way to connect it via Wi-Fi, since you will always have alternatives.

Connect by cable in any area

The objective is to be able to connect any compatible device, from anywhere in the home, through a network cable. This will help you have that greater stability that we mentioned or simply connect devices that you cannot via Wi-Fi, either because it does not have a receiver, because it is broken or to avoid network saturation.

PLC devices

The first option you have is to install PLC devices. They are devices that will carry the Internet connection from one place to another in the home through the electrical wiring. If the wireless signal does not reach well, it is an interesting option. In addition, you will be able to connect devices by cable.

By using PLC devices, you will be able to take the signal to any place in the home. If you use a device that has an Ethernet port, you will be able to connect it and avoid using Wi-Fi. For example, you could connect cable television to a PLC.

Mesh System

You can achieve something similar with a Mesh system. You will not have to install cable throughout the house, but simply use these devices and thus improve coverage. You can distribute them in the areas where you need to have a better connection and thus be able to connect devices by cable.

Being devices that they connect to each other, the signal arrives with higher quality. You will only have to connect your devices via network cable and you could have greater stability or speed compared to connecting wirelessly.

Repeater with Ethernet port

We do not consider it as good an option as the previous two, since repeaters have more limitations, but it will also allow you connect by cable from other places. The idea is to put the repeater near the device you want to connect by cable and use an Ethernet cable.

The main limitation is distance. A repeater needs to connect to the router, wirelessly. If it is too far away, the signal will be weakened. However, it is another alternative to have Internet throughout the home. It can be helpful in many cases.

As you can see, you can connect devices via network cable to the Internet no matter where you have them. It is essential to always have a good connection and using a Mesh system, PLC devices or even a repeater can come in handy to help you have a better network in your daily life.

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