Twitch CEO Dan Clancy: Pre-rolls “suck”

It is known to all that Twitch does not go through its best moments. It continues to be the most popular streaming platform and also the one used, with millions of users daily accessing the more than vast offer of direct shows that we can find 24/7 on the platform. However, as has happened with other online services of all kinds that experienced spectacular growth during the pandemic, the return to normality after the confinement has caused their numbers to also normalize… downwards. With an important addition in the case of Twitch: the arrival of a huge number of new streamers attracted by the siren songs about Villa Utopia, the place where they tied the dogs with sausage, you know.

Twitch continues to have excellent channels, great professionals and loyal audiences, but the management of the platform has been questioned for a long time by a large part of its users, both those who are in front of the camera and those who feed the vieses counter. and the channel chat. Due to a series of decisions, all related to the monetization of the service, discontent has reigned on Twitch for a long time.

This, of course, gives rise to a vicious circle, in which both audience and streamers end up giving up the platformwhich in turn has a negative impact on their numbers, and thus ad infinity. Well, or until the decline and end of the platform, whichever comes first. Of course, those responsible obviously do not want that to happen and, although as a general rule most of the decisions are related to directly increasing income (which, surprisingly, on many occasions does not work), fortunately in other cases, such as the one we are concerned with, opt for much more sensible approaches.

That a manager of a company publicly expresses forceful criticism against some measure of the same is not something usual, but it is what has happened in this case, and that is that through a live show on the SpawnOnMe channel, Twitch’s new CEO has stated that pre-roll ads “suck” and that, consequently, his plans pass, if not to remove them, then at least to reduce them in a more than substantial way, even if this means giving up the income they generate.

If you are not a Twitch user, it is likely that the concept of pre-roll ads is unknown to you, so I will explain what it consists of. a barrage of ads, sometimes longer than a minute, which are shown to users when they access a channel, before they can start watching it. Only channel and Twitch Turbo subscribers are exempt from having to view such ads before accessing the channels (for subscribers, only on those channels to which they are subscribed, of course).

Having to “swallow” more than a minute of advertising when trying to access any channel is extremely frustrating, to the point of dissuading many people from doing so, something that, as I indicated before, negatively affects both Twitch and streamers, who they are left without receiving many visits that, otherwise, would have occurred. Therefore, eliminating or reducing them can reverse the trend and make Amazon’s service see its numbers grow again.

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