Understand The Symbols Of The Slots

Knowing the meaning of the symbols of the slot machines is essential to make your games as fun as possible. We present our glossary to help you discover all its secrets.

The Bonus Symbol

It is usually related to the theme of the slot you play and achieved by three identical symbols. Taking it out allows you to make a certain number of free spins. You can usually increase your balance if you get a prize on the pay lines.

Payment Line

This is the name given to the line that indicates the winning combination of symbols. Symbols often take different positions. If they are combined, it is possible to get a different prize. Everything will depend on the type of symbol combination you get (it can be three, four, or five of the same symbols to increase the prize). You decide how many lines you are going to play.

It is advisable to play with all available lines. Review them very well before playing since the prize you can get at the end of each winning roll depends on them.

Wild Symbol

It acts as a wild symbol and replaces symbols on any payline or winning combination. If you miss a symbol to win a winning combination, use the wild to win the prize.


They consist of an X and a digit. They allow you to multiply the prize of your combination by the number indicated in the symbol. That is, if you get this symbol on a prize line, you will increase the prize to be collected. We must clarify that this alternative is less and less frequent in slot machines.

Scatter Symbol

It will depend on the slot you play. It does not have a single function. Sometimes, it’s a wild card; others, it offers you an extra roll, and so on. The best thing is that it appears when you need those free rounds to achieve the prize of your interest. Finding two or three of these symbols on different paylines gives you a chance to land an interesting reward.

Directly related to these symbols, you will find the reels. They are the wheels that turn and in which you find the corresponding drawings. If the machine you choose has three, it is the classic European; if it has five, it is known as American. For the reels to spin, you must press the corresponding button.

Historical Symbols and their Meaning

Surely, you have seen slot machines in a bar or arcade throughout your life. It may surprise you that many symbols remain intact despite the years and design changes. We review the most common and their meaning:

BAR: It comes from the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company, a company that used gum related to the images that could be seen on the drums as prizes.

Red cherries and watermelons, which you still find in slot games online, are a tribute to the machines of the aforementioned company.

The Bell: The first slot machine was called the Liberty Bell and was created by Charles Fey in 1887. The symbol is another tribute to the history of slots itself.

The Number 7: You get a prize when you get the 777 in the slot machine you are playing. For some religions, 7 is the perfect number of the Trinity. In Asian culture, the number is associated with the beginning of a new personal stage. Usually, it is considered to bring good luck, hence its inclusion in slots.

The Symbols Related To Poker Cards: They were Fey’s first choice for his machine. He added the lucky horseshoe for more variety and combination possibilities.

Are There Specific Symbols For Each Slot?

Yes, especially for those that have a particular theme. If you play online, the symbols used are directly related to the story that unfolds. (Tramadol) As we have explained, we usually incorporate some wild or scatter symbols to get the prizes.

As an anecdote, it is important to mention that it was not until 1996 that the Internet adaptation of such a classic game and its symbols began. In fact, the symbols have become the most recognizable feature of most slots, confirming their undoubted importance.


Likewise, understanding its meaning will greatly help you get more prizes. Also, it helps you to play the slot machine you prefer without having to read its characteristics or study what each symbol that appears on the screen or the corresponding drum is for.

Now that you know the function and meaning of the slot machine symbols, we can only advise you to play responsibly. Has the origin of any particular symbol surprised you? Have you used them in your runs? It is in your hands to take advantage of what you have just learned so that each spin becomes a winner.

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