Venom: Carnage’s fury is not entirely convincing but is enhanced with the post credit scene

Apparently the best part of Venom: Carnage’s Fury seems to be the post credit scene, the sensational after-credits sequence that landed online yesterday and is already driving Marvel fans crazy.

With the expiration of the embargo on the first reviews of the film by Andy Serkis coming from the USA, we learn that the second Sony film on the Marvel symbiont has not completely convinced the critics, even if the score on Rotten Tomatoes seems slightly recovering, waiting to know the Italian reaction to the film that comes out today in theaters.

Divided Critique of Venom: Carnage’s Wrath

It is not easy to understand if Venom 2 will be able to repeat the unexpected exploit of the first film capable of grossing over 850 million dollars worldwide, the fact is that the critics have split between those who continue to appreciate the cheeky and carefree approach. of the sequel and who, instead, defines it as “chaotic and maddening”.

Leah Greenblatt by EW gives the film a C + rating, writing that the antihero / villain pairing played by Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) is “utterly chaotic” with the film featuring senseless fun thanks to its “careless embrace of anarchy “.

Chris Evangelista Slash Film talked about Venom: Carnage’s Wrath as “a silly romantic comedy disguised as a superhero sequel.” However, he continues, “There are countless superhero movies better than this one. Better written, better directed, better acted, better done. Yet, Carnage’s Fury has a weird and bizarre heart and, at times, that’s exactly what you need to see ”. “If we’re going to be inundated with an endless stream of comic books, at least give us more quirks and quirks like this to keep things light. As long as Tom Hardy continues to make these films, I will continue to watch them ”.

Likewise K. Austin Collins by Rolling Stone K. Austin Collins indicated that “Venom movies aren’t good because they’re junk. They are good because they are good; they are rubbish because they have the good sense of being such “.

Rodrigo Perez of The Playlist indicates that the film is more “hyperactive, incessantly chaotic and maddening” than its predecessor, as it basks in what it liked about the previous film. The journalist called the final part of the film a “noisy and anarchic festival of CGI-laden pornographic tentacles.”

John DeFore of The Hollywood Reporter writes that “superhero fatigue also applies to non-heroes” and says Michelle Williams, who plays Brock’s ex, is “too talented to be stuck in a marginal assistant / hostage role” adding: “looking to the future we hope that things get better, or at least that they go wrong in a more fun way” referring to the eventuality of a Venom 3.

But there are those who have gone down hard like Amy Nicholson of the New York Times which provides perhaps the most ferocious commentary on the film. According to the writer, the film “blooms in high-energy moments and feeds on low expectations” before dubbing it “the Avengers shower drain.”

Venom: Carnage’s Fury release date, details and plot

The release date of Venom 2, after continuous postponements, it was recently brought forward to the next one 1st October thanks to the excellent box office success of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

The film, which will be directed by Andy Serkis, will see the return of Tom Hardy in the role of the double role Eddie Brock / Venom, which they will join Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Woody Harrelson plays Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, while Naomie Harris (Moonlight) plays the villain Shriek.

More than a year after having “embraced” the bond with the alien symbiote that transformed it into the anti-hero we all know, a true lethal protector, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is ready to resume his career in investigative journalism interviewing serial killer Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) in prison to find out where the bodies of his victims are buried.

But when Kasady himself becomes the host of another more ferocious and dangerous symbiote that elevates the psychosis of the cold killer to maximum power, Venom will find himself dealing with a real blood-red killing machine with no conscience.

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