Verbatim is not dead, and has launched a TOP SSD and a touch screen

These days the IFA technology fair is being held in Berlin, Germany, where novelties are being shown. One of the most interesting product presentations is from the legendary Verbatim brand. The brand, which for many years sold millions of CDs and DVDs, seems to be moving into other sectors. Verbatim has submitted a PCIe 5.0 SSD and an interesting one portable touch screen

We must say that we had lost the brand a bit in recent years. It was popular for many years for its high-quality, well-priced optical drives. Few can say that they have not had one of these storage units in their hands.

The truth is that this segment is practically extinct and the brand seems to have reinvented itself. It seems that they have jumped to other sectors, but they have not left storage units aside.

Verbatim surprises with a couple of interesting products

To begin with, we are talking about the storage unit of Verbatim that they just presented. The brand brings us the vi12000 unit, a hard drive ssd which is based on the PCIe 5.0 interface. This unit offers speeds of reading from up to 12,300MB/s and a speed of writing from up to 11,888MB/s.

We are struck by the precision that the brand gives with respect to the writing speed of the unit. This unit will have a great sink with a small fan to dissipate heat. We already know the big thermal problems that M.2 SSDs have and especially those based on PCIe 5.0.

verbatim vi12000 ssd

Although we do not have more information, the brand also plans to show the Vi7000G unit. No performance data or under which interface it works have been given, but it would be PCIe 4.0, in principle. We assume this because the unit is compatible with the console PS5.

On the other hand, the brand has also shown an external monitor designed for laptops. This is a touch monitor with full HD resolution That connect to computer via cable USB-C. Although the brand has not given more specifications in this regard, it could be 17 inches. Little else is said about this product, except that it is a solution for those who travel, improving their productivity.

As a last solution, the Verbatim My Finder Bluetooth Tracker. This product is intended for tracking belongings using smartphones. It can be inserted in the backpack or laptop, and always have it located.

verbatim portable touch monitor

There will be more presentations by the brand

At the moment, these are the products that the brand has shown or at least, that it has announced. This The company is expected to present other products, such as chargers, concentrators, compact projectors, among other products. In addition, they announce the presentation of different products for gaming under their SureFire brand.

Verbatim also points out that these two units shown will not be the only ones. They will also show new optical drives, storage drives, memory cards and USB drives.

Although the brand was not gone, offering memory cards and flash drives, they will also launch new storage products. We are surprised by the announcement to enter the gaming market, something we were unaware of. We look forward to seeing the proposal of your SureFire gaming brand.

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