VOD news 09/22: ‘Vikings: Valhalla’, the new generation

VOD News brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+… And following the usual rhythm of the valleys and mountains, Vikings: Valhalla It is the highlight of a generally weak week, but with its exceptions, it would be missing more.


Unbelievable but true, Netflix hits the ceiling for the second time in what we have been in years. Stuff from the churros. but lo and behold Vikings: Valhalla…although Netflix is ​​Netflix and it doesn’t come down to just that. In fact, this week there are a couple of releases that may be of interest in these parts, such as the documentary 11 M that includes the biggest terrorist attack suffered in Spain, or the Catalan series Merli. sapere aude*, which is welcomed by the big N of VOD.

Vikings: Valhalla

Few introductions needed Vikings: Valhallaa spinoff from the popular MGM series whose sixth and final season was released just over a year ago. if you are interested to see vikings, you have it complete on Netflix, but also on HBO Max. Now, you don’t need to watch the original series to enjoy Vikings: Valhallawhich despite working as a sequel, does so with such an important time jump that if the platform has taken advantage of something, it is the pull of the previous one… And that Netflix already had a series of Vikings the sea of ​​managed How is it The Last Kingdom. But… Stuff from the churrería, it bears repeating; and what to expect Vikings: Valhallawhat has already been seen, but more spectacular and dynamic.


More exclusive content:

  • 11 M. «Survivors and experts analyze the terrorist attack in Madrid on March 11, 2004, from the political crisis that it triggered to the search for those responsible»
  • Bubba Wallace: A race car driver (T1). “This docuseries follows Bubba Wallace, the only black driver in NASCAR Cup Series today, as he uses his voice and his talents to change the sport.”
  • Back at 15 (T1). Thirty-something Anita, dissatisfied with her life, accidentally discovers a way to travel back in time to when she was 15 years old. Will she be able to rewrite her own history?
  • the poopy cat. “In these wacky interactive cartoons, you need to answer a series of questions for Rowdy the cat to elude Peanut the dog and steal some valuable paintings.”
  • the fame game (T1). “When India’s most famous actress goes missing, the search for her reveals cracks in her and her family’s seemingly perfect life…and brings painful truths to light.”
  • Madea’s Homecoming. “Hallelujah! Madea is back…and she’s not about to put up with any bullshit when family drama erupts during her great-grandson’s prom.
  • Merli. sapere aude (T1). «Pol enrolls in the university to study Philosophy and there he feels motivated by new friends and a teacher with a lot of personality.»
  • UFO. “When budding music student Deniz loses her mind over a tough motorcycle racer, tragedy and opposition from his family make her path to love difficult.”
  • no respite. “After going to great lengths to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop loses control of his life when he begins receiving threats from a mysterious witness.”
  • juvenile court (T1). “A tough judge balances her dislike of juvenile criminals with her strong legal convictions as she tackles complex cases in juvenile court.”
  • Video clips from the world of Karma (T1). “A journey into the musical world of Karma, who grabs the mic (and lets her curls loose) in these fun and groovy videos loaded with rhymes and the power of positivity.”

Amazon Prime Video

We continue with Amazon Prime Video, which also comes with a few own and third-party releases, of greater and lesser interest.

Operation Black Tide

Operation Black Tide, for example, is giving a lot to talk about here in Spain -it is a Spanish production- because of the subject it deals with, based on a true story about a submarine used by drug traffickers to distribute drugs. A madness with a Galician aroma.

Shatner in space

And secondly, another series, this one of a documentary nature around the space trip that took place at the expense of Jeff Bezos, William Shatner himself, the eternal Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise, which we already reported a few months ago.

More exclusive content:

  • Paw Patrol: The Movie. “Paw Patrol is on a roll…in his first big-screen adventure! With the help of a new pup, Liberty, the Paw Patrol fight to save Adventure Town from his rival, Humdinger.
  • Dark truth. “Lucy and Adrian have been trying to have a child for a long time. They decide to seek the help of Dr. Hindle and through artificial insemination, Lucy becomes pregnant with triplets, but the doctor informs them that a pregnancy of these characteristics can put the health of both the children and the mother at risk, so they must decide… »
  • A full night. “Noah has recently become a father, but has not yet adjusted to his new role. When his girlfriend Marie spends a night out on the town, Noah gets a chance to prove to her that she can take care of the baby on her own. But he doesn’t count on Baumi, his rebellious friend. What can go wrong?

Enter catalog:

  • Dora and the lost city
  • Gemini
  • The hunt
  • The photograph


Also be careful with what Disney + brings with it, which is not only for the little ones in the house, although there is a little for everyone.

The King’s Man: The First Mission

The King’s Man: The First Mission It is not an original Disney + movie, but it is an exclusivity that the platform signs up for a few months after its theatrical release. It is the third installment of the ‘Kingsman’ franchise, but as a prequel. However, it is also the worst considered of all.


More exclusive content:

  • in the storm. Darby Thorne, a young woman on her way to a family emergency, gets caught in a blizzard and takes refuge in a highway rest area with some strangers. When she finds a girl kidnapped in a van, she finds herself in a terrifying life and death struggle to find out who the kidnapper is.
  • The Proud: Loudest and Proudest (T1). »A sequel to the acclaimed ‘The Prouds’ series, this follows the adventures and misadventures of Penny Proud, now 14, and her family as they navigate modern life with humor and heart.»
  • Weekend Family (T1). “Every weekend, Fred takes care of his daughters Clara (15 years old), Victoire (12 years old) and Romy (9 years old). Each of them is the daughter of a different mother, with whom she lives during the week. »

Enter catalog:

  • Atlas of Cursed Places
  • City of Angels. City of Death
  • Club Houdini: The mystery of the chest of the three keys (T1-T3)
  • The sixth Sense
  • HighStrung
  • The wild leopards of India
  • quantum (T1-T3)
  • Rebound
  • all for the game (T1-T2)

hbo max

Finally this week there is the HBO Max offer, which comes with several things of which we do not highlight anything in particular, although the platform has been done with All American: Homecominga luck of spin off from the series from which it takes its name, a drama that… Well, and the latest from Clint Eastwood is added to the catalogue, if you feel like it.

More exclusive content:

  • All American: Homecoming (T1). “A tennis star from Beverly Hills and a baseball great from Chicago enter the world of college sports and grapple with the good, the bad, and the sexy of being a young adult at a prestigious, historically black college.”
  • Drew Michael: Red Blue Green. “In this hilarious monologue, Drew Michael exposes his issues with relationships, social media, and talks about comedy as therapy.”
  • Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches. “The documentary looks at Douglass’ life, from the slavery he was born into to his freedom as an abolitionist speaker and writer.”
  • Painting with John (T2). Part meditative tutorial, part fireside chat, each episode of this series features artist John Lurie sitting at his workbench as he perfects his intricate watercolor techniques and shares his reflections on what he’s learned. »

Enter catalog:

  • 23-F: The movie
  • backstage (T1)
  • bee-movie
  • cry male
  • doctor sleep
  • The pact (T1)
  • Undefeated
  • snow fall (T5)

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