Watch out for YouTube! They can sneak a virus into you without realizing it

Virus through YouTube videos

In this case we are dealing with a scam aimed at those who seek to install the tor browser. Specifically, they sneak a false installation through an explanatory video on YouTube about dark net. When users download this file to install this popular browser, they are actually installing malicious software.

However, this is not something exclusive to the TOR browser, since through YouTube they could sneak fake files very varied. Simply clicking on a link in the description box could take us to a fake page. It is true that there are filters and measures to prevent this from happening, but fraudulent links can always sneak in.

In the case of the TOR browser, this discovery has been made by Kaspersky. This is a specific channel with 180,000 followers and tens of thousands of visits to that specific video on DarkNet. This malware that pretends to be the file to install the browser, what it does is collect data from the victim and gain total control of the computer.

This malicious variant of TOR is also capable of storing browsing history and data that the victim puts into login forms, social media usernames, etc. All this will put privacy at risk.

Signs that Windows is infected

How to avoid this problem

Although in this case it is something specific to sneak a TOR browser application to steal data, the truth is that through YouTube we have seen many similar cases. They can sneak viruses into you without you realizing it and download files that are really going to put your privacy and security at risk.

To avoid this problem, the first thing you should do is download applications only from official sources. For this you have to go to the legitimate website, be it TOR browser or any other application, and download the program from there. Failing that, you can also use reliable app stores, such as the Microsoft Store or Google Play. Although it is true that fake programs could also sneak in here, it is certainly less likely to happen.

In addition, it is important that you always have a good antivirus installed. This will allow you to be protected and will alert you in case it detects any type of dangerous software. There are many options, such as Microsoft Defender itself, Avast or any other. Just make sure it’s guaranteed.

On the other hand, you should also have the updated system. In many cases, these types of threats can take advantage of vulnerabilities in a system. Viruses could sneak in by taking advantage of some uncorrected bug. Of course, it is important to update the system safely.

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