Water, coffee, Coca-Cola… this gaming keyboard resists it all, and it’s on sale!

If we spend many hours in front of the computer, either playing or working, it is almost certain that most of the time we usually have some type of liquid within our reach: water, coffee, soft drinks… And, almost certainly also, at some time we has fallen on the table, leaving everything lost. Even in the worst case, it is possible that we load some of the peripherals that we have on the table, almost certainly the keyboard. If this is our day to day, you can not miss this offer.

As with mobile phones, today it is also possible to find peripherals, such as keyboards, that have protection against dust and liquids. One of the best known models, and the best value for money it has, is the Steel Series Apex 3. Keyboard that, for a limited time, we can get with a discount of 19%. Let’s see how.

How is the SteelSeries Apex 3 keyboard?

The first thing to note is that we are dealing with a full-size QWERTY keyboard, with a Spanish layout, so we will have the ñ, and the specific keys, as on any other keyboard. The buttons are silent, specially designed for gaming (although they can also be used to write), with more than 20 million keystrokes guaranteed. In addition, the keys have backlighting, so if we usually use the keyboard in the dark we can do it without any problem.

This keyboard additionally has a magnetic wrist rest that we can place at the bottom of the keyboard and that will help us enormously to improve comfort when typing. We also find dedicated buttons on the top right to adjust volume and settings on the fly.

But, as we have said, what interests us most about this particular keyboard model is its IP32 resistance. Thanks to it, if we have an accident and we see any type of liquid on it, with a quick cleaning and drying everything will return to normal. The internal circuitry of the keyboard will not be affected by liquid or possible dust that accumulates over time.

The standard price of this keyboard is 79.99 euros. But, for a few days, Amazon allows us to get it for only 64.67 euroswhat it means a discount of 19%. In addition, Amazon will give us a 33% discount for an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription, perfect for putting our new keyboard to the test.

This particular keyboard has over 800 reviews on Amazon, and a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Therefore, we are facing a product of excellent quality that, in addition, taking into account its benefits and characteristics, also has a very good price. And if we are not satisfied, we can return it directly to Amazon without problems.

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