ways to get a lot out of your smart home

Note that domotize a home It doesn’t necessarily mean buying the latest model of appliance. Simply by purchasing a Wi-Fi plug or smart light bulb, you can already do a lot and not have spent a lot of money. You can apply home automation in multiple ways.

Smart house in summer

In the summer months, your habits may change quite a bit. You can spend more time outside, be on vacation for several weeks, the temperature rises and you may also use appliances that you only use in these months. There, home automation can be interesting and you can use it a lot.

Control the air remotely

The first thing you can do is check the air-conditioning remote form. This is interesting in summer, since you may spend many hours away from home, working, and when you arrive you want the house to have a lower temperature. Instead of waiting for it to cool down when you arrive, you can control it beforehand.

Something basic is to use a smart plug to decide when to turn an air conditioner on or off. You can simply connect it from your mobile, for example 20 minutes before you get home. But there are also more sophisticated devices, like this Tado V3+. With this device, you can better manage the air, set different modes, etc.

automate blinds

You can also automate Blinds that you have at home This can be useful to save energy, but also to keep the house cool. What you can do is close them in the hottest hours, while you raise them when the temperature drops. You can do it without having to be at home, simply from your mobile.

Regarding how it helps you save energy, by having the blinds down in the hottest hours, you will get the house to heat up less. Not so much sunlight will enter and that will allow the air conditioning, when you turn it on, to work at a lower power and have to consume fewer resources.

automate blinds

vacation watering

If you are going to be outside for days or weeks in the summer and you have plants, that can be a problem. Home automation can help you, since you could schedule watering automatically. There are quite a few options in this regard and really very sophisticated devices. Some will even be able to detect the temperature and humidity of the environment to irrigate more or less.

You can go on vacation and not worry about your pots. From the mobile you could activate or deactivate the irrigation, configure it, see that everything is fine, etc. It is one more option offered by home automation in summer.

smart sensors

Of course, you can install a series of sensors smart and have more control in your home. There are sensors that will even help maintain security, such as smoke, gas, water, movement detectors… You can distribute them in the areas of the house where you are most interested.

These sensors can be controlled from your mobile. Simply by accessing through an application, so you will have control at all times of what happens in your home in summer, even if you are away on vacation.

As you can see, you can make the most of home automation in summer. You can make your home smart in a simple way and have greater control, automate tasks or even save energy. It is important to have a good connection and you can always check the devices connected to the Wi-Fi.

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