We have a new 15″ MacBook Air, Mac Studio and Mac Pro

Mac Pro

The expectations and rumors have been met in the last edition of the WWDC of this year 2023 that took place on June 5. With British punctuality, Tim Cook appeared at the screens of those of us who were not at Apple Park live to listen to all the news that Apple had to launch. Not only in the field of software but also in the field of hardware. Many new features have been introduced, but what we are most interested in are the new Macs. We have a new MacBook Air, Mac Pro and Mac Studio and these are their features.

We have a new 15-inch MacBook Air.

15-inch MacBook Air

Just started WWDC 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain, the new 15-inch MacBook Air was already being presented. Much commented in recent months. A new computer that will delight students and professionals not only because of its lightness but also because of its large screen that reminds us a lot of the MacBook Pro. It comes in four different colors or finishes and boasts a 15.3-inch screen with reduced frames. Inside we find the M2 chipwhich can ensure a battery life of up to 18 hours and up to 12 times more power than the previous Mac.

You can already book from 1,599 euros.

New Mac Studio


Next to be introduced was the new Mac Studio. It is only renewed inside because on the outside they are still the same as the model presented last year. Now, these updates come with the M2Max, chip that will multiply the power seen in the original Mac Studio, which came with an M1 Max.

Available from June 13 from 2,499 euros.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro

A total renewal of Apple’s most powerful computer. The Mac Pro comes with the M2 Ultra chip. With a 24-core CPU and a GPU of up to 76 it provides up to 800 Gb/s of memory, being compatible with up to 8 different screens. A beastly machine at a huge price. From 8,399 and available from June 13

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