These will be all the new spheres that watchOS 8 will bring to the Apple Watch

Last Tuesday, the new Apple Watch model was launched to us. The 7 series with a little more screen that suggests that there will be new areas. But with watchOS 8, we will also have the opportunity to add a few new ones to our catalog. We bring you in this compilation, all the spheres that we will have shortly.

With the arrival of watchOS 8, when the public version arrives, new dials will be added to the watch. For everyone regardless of the model you have, that is, logically as long as you can update to that version of the software. Let’s see what those spheres are:

Sphere called Portrait

Portrait is the most striking of the new spheres. It is capable of adding our photos to the watch in portrait mode. Apple is using the depth map of the images to, in certain cases, superimpose the subject on top of time. This creates a very impressive effect. Additionally, you can use the digital crown to “zoom in” on the subject, causing it to increase in size as the timestamp behind it decreases in opacity. This watch face supports two complications, although the highest complication can only be set as “off” or the date. However, the fund complication is more versatile. Aside from the two complications, the face can be configured in modern, classic or rounded typefaces.

World time on your wrist

This sphere allows users to view the time zone anywhere in the world. The different time zones are represented by the locations on the outer dial, while the inner dial will show the time for each. Touching the globe in the middle of the watch face will rotate it to focus on your current time zone. In addition, it has sun and moon icons to show the sunrise and sunset of the place where we are. It also represents night and day. Dark and light areas. Users can choose between the digital time display or the analog version.

There are four complications with this face, one for each corner. Its color can also be customized.

Spheres only suitable for Apple Watch series 7

With watchOS 8, which will be launched on September 20, will arrive new dials that will be typical of the new watch series 7. This is due to the new clock screen size which, as we already know, grows to 41 and 45 mm:

The Nike dial for series 7

At the bottom of the watch the Nike dial will only be available on the Nike version of the Apple Watch Series 7. It is a colorful face that reacts every time you touch it, move your wrist or move the digital crown.

Modular Clock Max

Modular Max is a modified version of the existing Modular watch face, but Instead of a row of three small builds at the bottom, a second full-width complication can be added.

Clock face in outline

This dial puts the time on the edge of the clock and changes its size based on the time. It works with the new display to “create a unique immersive look for the new wearable device.”

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