We present the AEDAF Guide to reduce the IRPF 2022

AEDAFthe Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, offers us, one more year, an interesting guide of advice to help the taxpayer to reduce their personal income tax, in the coming year.

In it document includes exempt income, work income, income from real estate and movable capital, reductions in the tax base, income from economic activities, capital gains and losses, and all applicable, updated and detailed deductions.

take stock

A few days before the end of the year, this is the best time to look back, take stock and think about those operations that have been carried out during the year or events that have occurred in our lives, which
may have an impact on our income tax return. These are some measures that AEDAF proposes to us to reduce the amount to pay of IRPF.

  1. Exempt income from work in kind – food vouchers. If you receive part of your salary in restaurant tickets or food vouchers, they constitute income from work in kind and are exempt from taxation up to 11 euros per day. It should be remembered that this exemption will be applicable regardless of whether the service is provided on the premises of the hotel establishment itself or outside it, prior collection by the employee or by delivery to his workplace or to the place chosen by him for carry out their work on the days when it is done remotely or by teleworking.
  2. Exemption for work done abroad. If this is your case, you must bear in mind that the income from work that you receive for work actually carried out abroad is exempt from taxation, up to a limit of 60,100 euros per year, provided certain requirements are met. You should bear in mind that this exemption does not apply to administrators or members of the Board of Directors.
  3. Redundancy paymentwhich is exempt from taxation up to €180,000, as indicated in the Statute of
    workers. In the event of unfair dismissal, only compensation recognized in a conciliation act or in a court decision is exempt.
  4. Benefits applicable to people over 65 years of age. Here, the Law establishes that the capital gain obtained by the transmission of any patrimonial element will be exempt from taxation if the amount obtained in the
    transmission is reinvested, within a period of 6 months, in the constitution of a life annuity in your favor.

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