Wednesday: Netflix unsurprisingly confirms a season 2, it is coming “soon”

Wednesday, one of Netflix’s biggest hits of 2022, will be back on your screens for a new season. The Addams family carried by the main actress Jenna Orgeta will therefore continue to torture those around them a little longer.

Netflix had started to mention it in an anything but enigmatic teaser, and it’s now official: Wednesday will return well for a season 2. The first season of the hit drama, Wednesday by its original name, premiered in November on Netflix. Since then, the Netflix series has managed to garner over a billion viewing hours in the space of a few weeks.

As a reminder, the short series centers around the popular “Addams Family” character, Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega), as she begins her freshman year at Nevermore Academy. There, she hones her psychic abilities and tries to solve a supernatural mystery that haunts the city.

Wednesday will return for a season 2 on Netflix

Unlike 1899, which was recently canceled although it had nevertheless met with great success, Wednesday will have a right to a sequel. The main cast of the series includes Jenna Ortega, Christina Ricci, Catherine Jones, Luis Guzman, Emma Myers, Isaac Ordonez and more. The delicate balance between supernatural mystery and typical high school drama has been maintained throughout all eight episodes of Season 1, and it could be the same for the second season.

In the YouTube video, Jenna Ortega gives a short recap of the first season, and thanks fans for their support, and especially the enthusiasm caused by some of his dance steps. She announces that “the torture doesn’t stop there”, which may mean that we can expect the same references that made the first season a worldwide success.

As per usual, Netflix announces that this sequel will arrive “soon”. Translation, in the language of the VOD giant, this means that season 2 will arrive between “now and the end of the world”. Either way, we imagine this one could arrive as soon as late next year, or even early 2024. Netflix will likely make sure everything is perfect so as not to disappoint fans.

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