What happens to your PC if it shuts down during an update?

But what if we do? I don’t think anyone wants to test it on purpose, but it is true that it can happen that the power goes out or any other problem that causes it to disconnect involuntarily. And then?

What happens if we interrupt an installation?

There are several types of updates, it is not the same on a computer as it is on an Android than it is on a smartwatch, likewise within the same equipment you also have to differentiate the type, we will focus on what would happen on a PC with Windows, which is what that more people use and where we can see them the most.

We have all suffered Microsoft system updates, they are very heavy and at the same time long and recurring, surely you have gotten tired at some time and forced it to shut down while it was updating. It must be said that today, these types of facilities are safer, however, depending on where you are, your PC could have problems when starting the OS again. A bad write and shutdown time can prevent it from starting again and we have to format it or make several restoration attempts to have it operational again.

windows update

It would not be the most serious case, because it could be solved. The problem comes if the update is not something basic to the system, but rather a firmware. Here we can have it more complicated, to the point of being able to run out of the computer or at least without some of its parts. So it is important to be careful and let it update correctly.

A solution it would be to have one Dual BIOS in which one of the chips works as the main BIOS and the other as a backup or backup of the factory settings. In this way we would avoid any possible failure, since the second chip would act so that the system would work again as it always did.

windows problem

But since we understand that not everyone has it or can afford it, we will just have to be careful and wait for everything to work out. Another possible solution to this is to have a UPS, which prevents our PC from shutting down if there is a power outage. Something cheaper that not only gives us security in this aspect, but also at any time, avoiding losing a copy of Word or a job that we are doing at any time if the power goes out.

In summary, turning off a computer when it is updating can be very serious, although normally nothing happens, depending on the moment and luck it can cause us to lose our computer, therefore, do not risk it and pay attention to the message, wait for everything to finish even if it is tedious, it will be worth it. You can waste a lot more time if you have to fix it later.

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