What is the largest LEGO in the world?

The largest LEGO construction according to Guinness World Records

The Guinness Book is full of records that have been made with LEGO pieces. The official website of Guinness World Records has registered almost 5,000 different results. Diving a bit through its pages you can find all kinds of barbarities, such as the largest LEGO flag in the world (it’s from Canada, by the way), the tallest tower or the construction of the LEGO Titanic that has taken less time. Among all the records, there are some that attract quite a lot of attention, as is the case of the largest LEGO tractor or caravan in the world. However, it is difficult to determine which of all these constructions is the largest in the world.

If we stick to Guinness World Recordsthe gold medal for the craziest construction with LEGO bricks goes to the Le Gru shopping mall, located in Turin, Italy. On February 13, 2005, this shopping center organized an event to achieve the longest structure, taking the design of a millipede as a reference. They used a whopping 2,901,760 bricks plastic LEGO, and the little animal measured about 1,578.81 meters.

What is really surprising about this case is that No Pictures. The official website of Guinness World Records does not have photos, and there does not seem to be a record on the Internet of how this construction was carried out —the image that we have attached to a screenshot of the web is of a similar project that was made in Singapore—.

Other noteworthy cases

There are other record constructions that do have photographs. They are the following:

Dream Cruises – World Dream ship

For us, the real deserving of this record. This huge ship was built by the tourism company Dream Cruises in Hong Kong. It is a replica of one of his ships. To carry out the project, we used 2,518,266 LEGO pieces.

The cruiser has some 8.44 meters in length, a height of 1.54 meters and a width of 1.33. She is listed in Guinness World Records as the largest ship, but not the largest construction because Le Gru’s millipede apparently outnumbered her.

X-Wing 1:1 scale

giant lego x wing

Apparently, the largest model ever made from LEGO bricks. This is the mythical Star Wars X-Wing ship. It was presented in New York in 2013, and used 5,335,200 bricks. So many that they even recreated R2-D2 in his usual position inside the aircraft.

This X-Wing was 12.5 meters long and according to records from a decade ago, it weighed 23 tons. The X-wing was built at an official LEGO workshop in the Czech Republic with 32 experts who took a combined 17,000 hours to complete. Apparently, this project was not audited, hence it does not officially hold the record. If it’s still in one piece, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if its artisans dared to make a Death Star also at 1:1 scale to create a giant set, as we are.

And what is the largest official set?

lego world map

And while we’re talking about records, you might be wondering what the largest set ever officially sold.

On this occasion, hitting the key is much easier. It is the set LEGO Art World Map. It has about 11,000 pieces and is designed so that you write down all the countries in the world that you are visiting with colors. This set is worth about 250 euros and is still for sale, although it is difficult to find. This set was the one that broke the record for lego titanicthe 9,090-piece set that has ended up becoming a classic.

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