What is the way to get flurries, crowns and commendations in Fall Guys?

The title of Epic Games, Fall Guys, has quickly become one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world thanks to a mix of huggable characters, absurdly fun trials, and a system of rewards and cosmetic items and skins capable of transform our hero into a ridiculous being that we would never try to imitate In the real world. what yes?

Go for the win!

Inside the world of Fall Guys there are numerous extras that you can buy to make your experience a little more visually pleasing since, when it comes to playing, we are all equal. That is why have skins of well-known characters such as Sonic, SpongeBob or the Xenomorph from alienwithout forgetting the victory animations or the small emote that appear next to your player profile.

However, these little extras require a more or less generous capital investment in real money, so if you want to avoid having to do it more times than you would like, and you are willing to put in hours, we are going to give you some little advice. . So then we leave you a few instructions on how to get coins within Fall Guys: showers, crowns and praise.

Fall Guys Flurries

First let’s start with the barrages. These are the main currency of the game and They are used to buy a large number of objects in the virtual store. They can only be achieved in two ways. You will need to level up in the Season Pass and they will be added automatically. You can get up to 300 per season. Of course, if you have the paid version of this season pass, this figure will multiply.

The other way to get them will be through weekly or monthly missions. To complete them you will have to play games and complete actions such as “qualify yourself in three rounds”, for example. Among the rewards you can get are these striking rainbow coins.

Fall Guys.

Fall Guys Crowns

The second item that we want to talk about here are the crowns. At first they were the main currency of the game, but a few months ago they ceased to be. Now they have the task of leveling up our character within the community of Fall Guys. As you progress you will get unique rewards such as exclusive costumes and other fancy things.

We will be able to get crowns by playing games in any modality and, yes, as long as we win. Another way to get these objects will be through obtaining fragments. By collecting several, which are obtained by completing marathon missions, you will get one of them completed.

The accolades of Fall Guys

The last currency that we will talk about here will be praise. It is the easiest to get and its main function is to allow you to level up and unlock rewards in the battle pass. Among the ways to get these compliments we find that of complete rounds within each match –that for the simple fact of participating you get a small reward–, finish the daily missions, advance in the battle pass itself or participate in temporary events. As you can see, the compliments are even under the stones.

And you? Do you have a lot of flurries, crowns and accolades in Fall Guys?

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