What is WingetUI and how it helps to manage Windows software

WingetUI is a third-party utility that works on top of the Windows Package Manager official from Microsoft, but adding a graphical interface that greatly facilitates its use compared to a command line that not all users use regularly.

This program was updated last week to version 1.5.2 and this gives us the opportunity to present it for those who do not know it. As a preliminary idea, you should know that Microsoft released this tool at BUILD 2020 Windows Package Manager (like others inspired by Linux) used for automate installing, updating or uninstalling applications.

The tool is free and open source, it is developed independently of Windows and the truth is that it is very successful. The problem for some users may be that it works only from the command line. And this is where WingetUI comes in to make the task easier for the general public with a more manageable graphical interface.

What is WingetUI and how is it handled?

WingetUI extract data from official repositories to complete the list of programs, each of them listed with its name, ID and version. You can also browse the repository manually, there is a search function to find a certain application more quickly, and it allows you to install multiple packages at the same time.

Its use is simple because in the main interface you have everything. You install the tool from its GitHub page, run it and you will see three sections, general software to discover, software updates and installed applications. A simple double click on one of them initiates the installation, uninstallation or update of versions.

What is WingetUI?

The new version 1.5.2 has fixed known bugs such as .NET runtimes or incorrect detection of Microsoft Store packages in the corresponding tab. Some of its components have also been improved, the blurred textures in Windows 10 or the positioning of the context menu of the task manager in Windows 11. The update date and the version notes have also been added in the information window.

You can download the latest version of WingetUI from the GitHub project page, where you can also view the detailed changelog.

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