What should be the ideal perfect length of Spider-Man 2?

Spider-Man 2 is already among us, since last Friday, October 20, and it will go without saying that Sony and Insomniac have triumphed in style because they have made Spider-Man the protagonist of the exclusive PlayStation game that has sold the most units in its first 24 hours on sale: nothing more and nothing less than 2.5 million. So for that reason alone, everything we say below is unnecessary.

And how could it not be any other way?the haters have started to actcreating one of those campaigns against the game that only lasts a few days, but that distracts us from how truly important it is to have fun with Peter, Miles and the team of arch-villains who have a city as enormous as New York in fear.

What about the duration?

Well, it happens that many players have begun to criticize the fact that Spider-Man 2 don’t be longer and your campaign only lasts about 20 hours on average. Depending on how calmly you take it, you could go a little further and touch the limit of 25 but even then, there are some gamers who have raised a cry in the sky. Do you think that 20 or 25 hours are not enough to satisfy us with an AAA novelty?

It is obvious that in the times we live in in which titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla can exceed 300 hours has distorted what we have always considered optimal when we talk about the duration of a video game, and many expect that any new development will always fall within that range of Ubisoft’s launch. But it is not possible: first by means of carrying out a project of that dimension, and by other means that do the same. The studio has a story and a development in mind and adjusts everything to that vision of the product.

AND Spider-Man 2, although some may not like it, It lasts between 20 and 25 hours because Insomniac wanted it that way and, truth be told, it does not seem like a figure to be disregarded either. For example, the last Assassin’s Creed Mirage It has a similar extension and is one of those that leaves you very satisfied when you finish it.

What should its duration be?

First of all it must be said that Spider-Man 2 Is not a sandbox like the many that come to the market every year. It is a game with a clear narrative vocation that tells us a very specific story within the lore of Spider-Man, so it doesn’t try to mislead us with dozens of secondary missions that could take us away from the main interest. So he doesn’t need more hours than he already has.

Another thing is that Sony and Insomniac would like it to be a sandboxwith more cities, plot lines and characters, but since that is not the case today, you can rest easy now. haters of this title that will not increase your hours. Well yes it will, when in the future they announce some type of expansion or DLC that adds a little context to the story that we have already finished.

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