What to give a Spider-Man fan for Christmas

Christmas is coming, it’s time to give things away and … it seems that by Spider-Man they only sell things for children. Spider webs, dolls, costumes, bedspreads, sheets, briefs… The list of options is huge, but few things are suitable for your 40-year-old partner.

If you want to save yourself the hour or so that we have been sifting through the entire Amazon website looking for Spider-Man gifts for adults (and not so children), here are some of the best proposals that we have found.

IPhone case

The first proposal we offer you is this shell made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for the iPhone 13 with an illustration of our favorite hero. There is also another model of The Avengers, as well as covers of other Disney characters. You can also find covers for older iPhone models with other different illustrations.

Cerda x Spider-Man Craft Travel Backpack

This artisan backpack It is designed for those Spider-Man fans who want a bag of their favorite superhero, but without having to go through the children’s section of El Corte Inglés. Therefore, it is a proposal for all audiences, although that does not mean that we go to see dozens of children taking this same copy to school to take their math books and knowledge of the environment.

It is the. typical backpack that serves so much to carry a laptop like to hit a weekend getaway. It has high quality materials and fantastic ratings.

Travel mug

This kind of aluminum drinking cups coffee They are very typical in New York, where our dear Peter Parker usually patrols. But come on, there is no problem if you take it with you through the streets of Albacete.

Doormat Marvel Spiderman

Spider-Man Doormat

It is the typical carpet for cleaning shoes before entering the house, but with the face of Spider-Man. Spidey might not be amused when people wipe their feet on his face, but at the very least, it’s a doormat. more original than “Welcome to the republic independent of my home.”

Avengers sweatshirt

It is a sweatshirt oversize. Come on, it is designed to be on fabric everywhere. The idea is that we use it at home as if it were a dressing gown. And not only will we have Spider-Man illustrations, but the Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America will join us on cold winter afternoons and nights.

Spider Man Sweatshirt

Is a most basic sweatshirt, from the Amazon Essentials Disney collection. Have a design plus discreet than the previous proposal, in a solid color next to the spider logo on the chest. It also has a central pocket and a quite attractive price. And of course, she is much more apt to go out with her on the street.

KARACTERMANIA Spiderman shoulder bag

Finally, we propose this shoulder bag which also includes a small coin purse. The set has a very cool design and a very attractive price.

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