WhatsApp adds biometric security to its web and desktop applications 2021

To help increase the security of your messaging when using desktop and web app, WhatsApp plans to add biometric security. How? By linking the companion applications on the desktop or laptop. WhatsApp added biometric lock security to the mobile versions of the most popular third-party messaging app quite some time ago. However, this is the first time that the companion app, sometimes known as WhatsApp Web.

The firm has said that as of today , you will be able to add a fingerprint / face scan on Android or FaceID on an iOS device; this fingerprint will block the linking process between your mobile and WhatsApp Web , or the desktop application. It seems that this new feature will not simply “lock” the WhatsApp Web unless you log out and then try to log back in.

In the Currently, the linking process simply involves scanning a QR code with no security process involved. Once done, you will remain logged in unless you specify otherwise. Obviously, there are numerous privacy issues if multiple users can access your machine. There is also the risk that someone will simply scan a QR code without your knowledge and have access to all your chat history.

Therefore, WhatsApp Web’s new biometric authentication lock is not exactly the same as the app lock on mobile. However, it is another safety net for those concerned about third party access. When trying to log into a new browser / application, you will have to open the mobile application ; then scan your face or fingerprint before you can scan a QR code, which links your phone to a PC or laptop.

How to add biometric security in WhatsApp web and desktop

WhatsApp agrega seguridad biométrica en sus aplicaciones web y de escritorio. Aplicaciones Android

It is worth noting that This biometric authentication feature for WhatsApp Web will be optional , which means it is not enabled by default. You will have to go to the Settings section of your mobile to make sure it has been activated. For an additional layer of security, we suggest that you block WhatsApp on your Android mobile using your biometric data, as this does not appear to be a complete fail-safe.

According to TechCrunch , WhatsApp Web’s biometric lock feature is rolling out as of today. It should be available in the coming weeks as it reaches more users. We have yet to see the option on our own mobiles at the moment.


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