Whatsapp: this is what the emoji of the face covered in clouds means

WhatsApp has simplified the way we communicate, even surpassing the Messenger boom in the early 2000s. Mark Zuckerberg’s instant messaging platform has transformed relationships between people, in some cases for and others against. And it has also empowered companies and entrepreneurs, who have digitized their communication channels through messages via notebook or smartphone. And beyond its constant use, there are those who send emoticons without knowing its real meaning and today we are going to tell you what it is about.

Almost by social law, each smartphone You must have installed, yes or yes, the Meta clan application, and in case you do not have on your cell phone WhatsApp, everyone will look at you like a freak. Although in recent years the download of Telegram has increased as an alternative platform to establish communication links and replace Mark Zuckerberg’s app.

WhatsApp It has become the perfect platform to send and receive instant messages, although it is also used for other purposes. As we mentioned before, the application that belongs to the Meta family has catapulted the sales of online products, thus being an alternative to traditional purchases and exploiting all the functionalities such as automatic messages, emoticons and stickers.

As is publicly known, among the emoticons preferred are those that refer to faces with all kinds of expressions, such as happiness, joy, sadness and sympathy. In addition we must add means of communication, air transport and flags of various countries of the world.

Among the most used emoticons in WhatsApp there is one that generates controversy and it is the face with the face covered in clouds, since it is not known exactly what it means. Consequently, the specialized site “Emojipedia” maintains that its appearance is ambiguous and may represent a state of mind of confusion or the presence of smoke.

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