Why changing DNS makes the Internet on your mobile fly

Having a good Internet speed is essential for pages to load properly, download files faster, so that updates are not caught… And it is especially so when we talk about mobile phones, since it is usually where we usually find the most problems. But there is a factor that can be key to optimizing the connection: the DNS servers. We will explain why and how we can change them.

How DNS works

DNS is used to translate the information What do we put in the browser? That is, when putting the domain name of RedesZone, what they do is translate them to the corresponding IP address and show us the page. This prevents us from having to memorize numbers and simply have to know what the domain name is. That process, that translation, can be more or less fast.

Normally we use the DNS provided by the telephone operator we are using. This does not mean that it is something negative, but it is true that sometimes they can malfunction and that is when speed problems appear. Therefore, it is convenient to change them and use one of the many options that exist.

What DNS servers can we use to make the Internet go faster on the mobile? The truth is that there are many options. For example, we can name some of the most popular such as:

  • Google: and
  • cloudflare: and
  • Quad9: and

You need to know which are the DNS that correspond to these servers. That is, knowing which addresses are the ones you have to change. Therefore, what you are really interested in is the digits that we have put next to each option. That is what you will have to change on your mobile and remove the default ones.

Steps to change the DNS on the mobile

As you can do on the computer, on the mobile you can also change the dns that you use in a simple way. This will allow you to improve Internet speed, avoid outages and problems that may appear if the servers you use by default do not act correctly.

To change the DNS on the mobile will depend on the model. However, the steps are always similar. What you have to do is go to Settings, enter Connections and click on More connection settings. There you have to look for the private DNS option or change DNS (this may vary depending on the version you have installed and the model).

Once you are there, you have to check the option of DNS provider hostname private and fill in the information below. There you will have to put the address that corresponds to the provider you are going to use, such as Google, Cloudflare or Quad9, which are the examples that we have given.

Once you apply those changes, you will start browsing through those DNS servers. You will be able to check if your Internet connection actually improves thanks to this small change. However, there are other tips that you can take into account to improve the speed of the Internet on your mobile. Sometimes changing some configuration parameters can come in handy to have a better connection.

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