Will the old E3 return in 2023? Everything indicates that it will not be so

The famous Electronic Entertainment Expo that was held every year in Los Angeles was fatally injured before the pandemic hit. It is evident that Covid-29 did not help either, but by that time two of the large hardware manufacturing companies had already gotten off the ship. Both Sony and Nintendo, both Japanese, turned their backs on E3 so what will happen in 2023?

Nothing from 2022 but yes in 2023

Last year, if you remember, there was no E3 as such, but rather a date hosted by the ineffable Geoff Keighley which was called as Summer Game Fest. But despite its online format and the (a priori) great support that he was going to have from the industry, he did not convince anyone. Deep down, we all missed that old system of conferences prior to the celebration of the great fair at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

So said and done. We have known since last summer that we will have an E3 this year, although doubts arise as to what its format will be and, above all, which companies will be present. Will Nintendo and Sony return to show their news in the stands The biggest and most spectacular of all the pavilions or will we have to settle for just Microsoft and Xbox? Well, it seems that we already have answers… and you are not going to like them.

According to some sources revealed and published by IGN, this E3 2023 looks like it will be a decaffeinated edition again Y Light, except last minute surprise. And that’s because neither Sony nor Nintendo will be present, but neither will Microsoft. That is, none of the first party that have consoles on the market and that, like it or not, are the great drivers of the entire sector, at least as far as home gaming systems are concerned.

The industry is not doing well

If this news is confirmed, the ball would automatically go to the roof of the big developers who, by the way, are not here to get excited and it does not seem that they are going to distance themselves from this decision. We do not know if Ubisoft is ready to get involved in the enormous expense of participating in E3 with a booth and take dozens of workers to show their games; and Activision or Blizzard (plus Bethesda) we imagine that they will go hand in hand with Microsoft, so an official “no” from Redmond would extend to their new subsidiaries.

Be that as it may, E3 2023 is still going on for now, with plans to be held and with the web open to receive requests from both exhibitors and the press and specialized media, so we understand that they will soon tell us how they are going to do it since, on this occasion, the firm RedPop is behind it. They have also found an original way to revive the old Los Angeles fair in another way, giving weight to the face-to-face part together with the online part in such a way that all its interest remains intact. What do you think?

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