Will you make the leap to DDR5 RAM? These are the best kits

RAM is one of the fundamental pieces in any Von Neumann design, since without it the processor would not be able to perform its tasks and therefore would not work. As both go hand in hand from time to time it is necessary to improve their specifications, which is a new standard. The departure of the Intel Core 12 also means that of the fifth generation of DDR memory, which will also be adopted by the next AMD processors that will come out in a few months.

Without leaving the relationship with the new generation of Intel processors, many of the new modules are compatible with XMP 3.0, the overclocking technology for third-generation memory that Intel has added for the first time in its CPUs, so both releases, that of the new CPUs and the new DDR, have been totally in sync

What does DDR5 give us?

Well, several new features compared to its predecessor:

  • The inclusion of the PMIC in each module, which makes the voltage variable independently in each one of them, which changes the rules for overclocking and introduces a new standard for it: the Intel XMP 3.0.
  • Two memory channels per module to alleviate access latency.
  • Higher bandwidths, starting at 4.8 billion transfers per clock cycle.
  • Modules with capacities that can go from 8 GB to 128 GB.
  • Integrated error correction system, ECC.

To use this memory in your PC, you need a motherboard that supports it in its specifications, so pay attention to see if it is compatible before launching to buy one of these memory modules to update your PC’s RAM. .

The best DDR5 modules and kits

DDR5 Custom

DDR5 comes with much higher bandwidths than DDR4, its standard speed being 4.8 billion transfers per second or DDR5-4800. Although, as with other previous memory standards, several manufacturers have released modules with higher bandwidth and some even with lower access latency.

Let’s not forget that RAM being a crucial part of the architecture of every PC is essential to reach certain levels of performance. The use of inadequate memory means a lower performance for the processor and the new DDR is designed to take full advantage of the new generations of CPUs from Intel and AMD.

That is why we have made a small selection of the DDR5 memories that you can now find on the market, so that you know what each one offers you and choose the one that best suits your new PC.

Kingston FURY Beast

We start with Kingston that enters the DDR5 Custom market with its FURY Beast, which come in two different versions: DDR5-4800 and DDR5-5200. You can find it in 16 GB modules, which are sold alone or in pairs. In addition, they support overclocking through Intel XMP 3.0.

Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 memory is sold in four different versions:

  • KF548C38BB-16: DDR5-4800 with 16GB capacity in a single module.
  • KF548C38BBK2-32: DDR5-4800 with 32GB capacity in a two-module kit.
  • KF552C40BB-16: DDR5-5200 with 16GB capacity in a single module.
  • KF552C40BBK2-32: DDR5-5200 with 32GB capacity in a two-module kit.

Crucial DDR5 Modules

Crucial DDR5 Custom

A recognized manufacturer of RAM memories like Crucial could not miss the party and they have announced their DDR5 memory modules, but at the moment we do not have specific models beyond that they will launch modules with capacities of 8, 16 and 32 GB. In terms of speed, all of them comply with the current JEDEC standard, which is DDR5-4800, the speed at which the memory controllers work within the new Intel CPUs.

Crucial DDR5 memory modules are not what is said to be custom, since they are completely standard by strictly following the specification and can be found under the following configurations:

  • CT8G48C40U5: DDR5-4800 with 8GB capacity in a single module.
  • CT2K8G48C40U5: DDR5-4800 with 16GB capacity in a two-module kit.
  • CT16G48C40U5: DDR5-4800 with 16GB capacity in a single module.
  • CT2K16G48C40U5: DDR5-4800 with 32GB capacity in a two-module kit.
  • CT32G48C40U5: DDR5-4800 with 32GB capacity in a single module.
  • CT2K32G48C40U5: DDR5-4800 with 64GB capacity in a two-module kit.

G.SKILL Trident Z5

Trident z5

And of totally standard memories in terms of their specifications, we are facing the most custom of all fifth generation Dual Data Rate memories, in this case the Trident Z5 by G.SKILL that presents a DDR5-6800 module and therefore we are facing the Custom DDR5 with the highest bandwidth of all, but also the highest latency due to having a CL, which is also compatible with Intel XMP 3.0.

These new G.SKILL memories are sold in two different versions, one with RGB lighting and the other without. Both in a double kit of two modules with 16 GB capacity each for a total of 32 GB of RAM.



GIGABYTE through its brand of components for gaming AORUS could not be left out of the DDR5 launch party and has presented its memory modules, which are thermally protected by a heat sink built in nanocarbon as a cover. So they are designed to overclock through Intel’s XMP 3.0 standard, with which these memories are also compatible.

At the moment the only kit available is the AORUS DDR5-5200 which offers 32 GB of custom DDR5 memory in the form of two 16 GB modules.

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