Will you really copy iPhone to Samsung in 2022?

A disruptive design for the iPhone of 2022

Several months ago a news leaked that perhaps went something unnoticed for many and that is that Apple’s roadmap with its iPhone marked a reduction of the controversial notch in its devices this year, that is, in the iPhone 13. A few days of its presentation, this is already taken for granted. However, in that first report it was said that in 2022 the company would completely eliminate this element in favor of a “hole in screen” format for the camera.

At that time, there was speculation about the way Apple would implement the Face ID unlocking system, which necessarily requires an element such as the notch to integrate the sensors. Could Apple get it under the screen? This today is still a great doubt, but it seems that the fact that it will have that hole design on the screen like many Samsung mobile devices have, is almost taken for granted.

The controversial leaker Jon Prosser dared this week to publish some renderings (images created by computer) of the design that the iPhone 14 would have, if Apple really decides to call them that. In it you can see several details such as round buttons in the purest iPhone 4 style, cameras flush with the phone without protruding and a front with absolute prominence of the screen and said hole in the upper central part for the camera.

A move that would be very strange at Apple

Apple does not usually confirm or deny rumors and they have made no exception in this case. Unfortunately, we also have no sources that can alert us to the veracity of Prosser’s images. And while it is true that this analyst in the end has not shown something that really had not been said before, it is still true that this information sounds somewhat strange in view of how Apple develops in the field of design.

Obviously everything can happen and we are not the one to confirm or deny anything, but it is still strange that Apple makes such a strange and risky move in just one year. Would it make sense to reduce the notch this year to fully ‘load it up’ just one year later? Would it not have a greater impact to eliminate it directly in 2022 without previous steps? We do not know what they think of the company, but we insist, it sounds very very strange.

iphone 14 render jon prosser The notch, for better and for worse, is already a Identity sign of Apple smartphones. It is foreseeable (and even desirable) that at some point it will disappear, but this would lead to Apple losing that identity, so transforming it into a device with a similar design to Samsung does not seem the best option. In fact, it even sounds comical if we consider that traditionally other companies have been inspired by Apple for their designs.

Only time will grant (or not) the reason for these types of leaks. Until then we can only wait and, for now, put all our attention on the Apple Event next Tuesday. That day the iPhone 13 is presented, the most immediate and the one that will make the most headlines, so there will be time to glimpse the iPhone of 2022.

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