Windows 11 and Spotify will go hand in hand thanks to Focus Sessions

Windows 10 already has some features designed to help us focus and avoid distractions. For example, it allows us to disable notifications and interruptions at certain times, or when we run programs in full screen. But Windows 11 is going to go further.

When Microsoft introduced the new Windows, it presented it as an optimized system for hybrid work, with a large number of functions designed directly to improve user productivity. Little by little we have been seeing some of them, but the truth is that the new Focus Sessions are going to surprise us.

What is Focus Sessions

Focus Sessions is a new feature that will be part of the Windows Clock app (known in Windows 10 as “Alarms and Clock”). This new function brings us a panel from which we can organize our work on a day-to-day basis. For example, it will have a timer during which we will not receive annoyances, it will have an integration with Microsoft To-Do, a daily progress bar and, most interestingly, integration with Spotify.

Focus Sessions Windows 11

In this way, from the same program we will be able to have at hand everything necessary to work and stay focused. We can see a list with everything we can do, set times for each activity, and control our music, if we like it. work with Spotify background.

At the end of an activity, this program will allow us take a break to disconnect, and then resume the next activity, being concentrated again. Even Microsoft is working on other very interesting features that will help us better control our time, such as reports, progress tracking and a graph to know where we have spent our time.

Windows 11 will receive new features from the Microsoft Store

If everything goes fine, Windows 11 It should reach users around October-November this year. Until then, Insider users will receive new features and new programs every week that, little by little, will shape this new Windows.

This new operating system will receive the new applications that Microsoft prepares, and the new functions, through the Microsoft Store itself, a very fast and comfortable way to update the operating system and help users to easily try everything that is preparing.

As some Windows developers have already mentioned several times, there are still many things to come. Windows 11 is a system that has barely shown a trace of everything it is capable of offering us. The truth is that we want this new Windows to reach all users and we can see if this new system is really as promising as it may seem.

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