Windows 11: Microsoft fixes the bug that slows down your PC’s SSD

Notice to Windows users 11. Immediately install KB5008215 using the latest update. This solves thorny concerns that affect the performance of your PC.

Only 0.21% of users have upgraded to Windows 11, according to a Lansweeper study released last month. In particular, the minimum configuration which excludes certain machines. But the bugs caused by the new OS also seem to chill eligible users.

In this regard, the Redmond firm recently deployed the KB5008215 buid. This includes the new emojis which are far from unanimous. But there is also a myriad of fixes that should significantly improve the user experience for fans of Windows 11.

The problem was reported last August. Concretely, many people had denounced slowness at the scale of their SSD. The speeds were in free fall in reading as in writing. In this case, these delays manifested themselves in particular when it came to transferring files or installing heavy applications. And that’s not all. Some users have also reported that applications suddenly start to crash when they are launched.

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Bugs on Windows 11: build KB5008215 comes to the rescue of users

Among the victims of this major dysfunction, we can cite the Kaspersky antivirus suites. Concretely, the problem arose when users tried to repair or update an application through Microsoft Installer. As you will have understood, the occurrence of fixes was expected to be firm and they are on the menu for build KB5008215. To install the update, nothing could be simpler:

  • Go to Settings by typing the shortcut Win + I
  • Then go to the menu Windows Update
  • Click on Check for updates then run the installation of build KB5008215.

On your side, have you been a victim of the aforementioned malfunctions on your Windows 11 PC? Did installing the update resolve them? Do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments area!

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